Practice What You Preach.

Hello World!

Dropping by and jotting down the things I wanted to share here.

Just this morning when I shared what I’ve been through, cousin and I had a talk.. shared something about the deep-seated pains, thoughts and feelings I long kept within the family and no one else.

How frustrating and disappointing and aggravating things are for me, but God’s still so good to me.

While I was sick and catching up on rest, there were times that I cannot stop myself from thinking about what happened in the past. It still hurts but not as much. And I am utilizing this pain every now and then so that one day, whenever I will look back, I won’t feel hurt anymore. I will get there. Soon.

I still will keep those things within the family and no one else. I may have posted heaps of stuff about what I felt and expressed a lot here but I never mentioned any names or people concerned.

As much as I want to share the real story, there’s something holding me back and it’s better this way. I will let those people do what they have been doing and will let them do their things.

Funny that, some of these people are the people whom I considered “close” friends. And these people are claiming to be CHRISTIAN, so to speak. Ironically enough, these “Christian” ones have the most “UNCHRISTIAN WAYS”.

Hypocrites and pretentious people hey. Oh well. They should listen to what they’re saying. Walk the talk; practice and act what they preach.

Anyways, I have already lifted them up to God every time I pray.

I am also asking God to take away these anger and disappointments and asked for deeper understanding and humility. Will still keep my head bowed down.. for I know one day, one day.. karma will come and get them.

I have so much to say to those people yet I will keep it still.

Watch me stand, bounce back and grow people!

I will prove you wrong!


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We can't choose what stays and fades away. So cherish every moment, pray, love, live and laugh like it's the last. – SM

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