Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

Since today’s Thursday, imma post one from 2years ago.

When I was 25yo. hahaha!


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We can't choose what stays and fades away. So cherish every moment, pray, love, live and laugh like it's the last. – SM

28 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday”

      1. I think you are getting younger with age…or you cut your hair and look slightly older. I saw another you say was only a year ago which has you looking even younger than this one.


      2. Only 2years ago I started to grow my hair long.. until last February, I cut it too short. The longer the hair, it also gets hard to maintain and costs too much. 😛


      3. It’s hard to maintain longer hair? Or, shorter? I would think long hair is easy to just let it grow…but it requires more brushing/washing. Shorter hair gets greasy/dirty faster. I am not sure which is a better look for you. Maybe you could grow it out really long, then cut and make a wig from it so you can wear long hair one day and short the next…but no one can say you wear fake hair:P It’d be yours.


      4. Either of short or long, it actually has downsides.
        Shorter hair gets dirty faster and you can’t tie it up whenever you feel like it.. Longer hair needs more brushing and needs more shampoo and conditioner for washing and moisturizing. 🙂


      5. I had that hair cut.. so you can’t eat it now. LOL

        I took that myself when I was bored one time and boom! hahaha. So there, I also added some filters through one editing apps years ago 🙂


      6. I don’t want to eat the hair:P I want to eat OFF of it. Like a plate. Or hold it while I sleep against my cheek:) Like a pillow/blanket.

        Ah, filters. I never let myself be so bored that I think taking pictures of myself is fun…not that I can recall. You Filipinas and your selfies:P


      7. Yea, but I bet the Far East holds the record:P Even if you spend so much time with these people online…it sounds like you spend A LOT more time online than I do:P


      8. I told you I am staring at this picture of you with long hair and a heavenly smile til I fall asleep:P hehe

        I know. And, I shall. I just have to find the strength to slap myself away from the PC.

        I could make it a caricature and draw a really big smile…or I could keep it realistic and pretty-er:)


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