Someday I’ll Find My Rainbow

Getting ready for beddy byes but still wide awake and just can’t contain what I am feeling at the moment.

Cuzzie is having challenges personally and I somehow know how and what she’s feeling. I’ve been there.. It’s really not easy doing things not for yourself but for the people you love and afraid of doing mistakes and displease them.

I just pray she won’t do what I did and shell make better choices. I just hope she’ll get through all these and surpass the storm.

While I myself is feeling a bit down not for my own self but for them.. For others. It hurts too seeing the people you love get hurt.

I am hoping ill find my rainbow thereafter and eventually will completely get over the storm I’ve been in for months..

Feeling a bit sick and I hate it. I hate it coz I easily get down. Ah! Life. :/


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We can't choose what stays and fades away. So cherish every moment, pray, love, live and laugh like it's the last. – SM

14 thoughts on “Someday I’ll Find My Rainbow”

    1. Hello Michael!

      I felt so emotional yesterday and feeling drained from laughing too hard and feeling hyped the whole day. Was also feeling what my cousin was going through and there were also flashbacks from that of the past.. and then felt lonely. hehehe

      But all is good, it was just a reminder for me how blessed I am for being here where I am today and how stronger I have become over the years 🙂


      1. I see, and that is understandable. I am glad to hear all is well with you and you are moving forward and loving where you are today. That is awesome to know. God has great things in store for you. Believe that.


      2. Faith has never ceased on me.. just sometimes I can’t help being emotional. hahaha. I am used to having someone around to talk to, but my normal before has changed.. it takes time to get to used to things again. But I am doing great so far. Thanks to you too, for dropping at times and sharing God’s wisdom and God’s love. 😀


      3. This is what I know about our God. Your love never fails, never gives up, never runs out on me. Have you ever heard that song Mikee. It’s called Onething, it’s great.

        I am glad you are doing great so far, and in my heart I believe you will continue to do great because you know where our strength comes from. It comes from Him and Him alone.

        As for me, I haven’t really done anything girl. Anyway, would you like for me to give you an advance notice on the next time I speak:)


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