Happy Kid

If the distraction is as sweet and beautiful as you, I’d rather be distracted for the rest of my life.

– Mikee


Good afternoon WordPress! I’ve been a slacker the last days really, not because I’ve got nothing to say, it’s just that I don’t have the energy. LOL

Like it only takes few muscles to move my hand and type and a few effort for my brain hey.. but yeah. Feeling drained mentally though. Anyway, despite the challenges these days, I am happy. Really happy. Thank God.

I just feel so and just feeling blessed at the moment really.. for where I am today as a whole, and how I am dealing with all of these.. after all those down times that I have been. Focusing not just into my healing but for all these blessings God gave and is still giving me these days.

One day at a time, He’s revealed the purpose as to why things has to end at some point. Because He has greater plans.

Not long ago, too I have turned someone down.. not because  he’s not a good person but because I don’t feel like being in a relationship just yet. Aside from it’s not that long ago I have ended up one, it’s just that it’s not just right. There’s also this thing called misunderstandings, too. No matter how much I try to explain myself in a nice way, it seemed to me that I am judged even the way I express my beliefs and faith. Anyway, that was all done..

As for people who keeps on seeing my flaws, thank you. I am not the only one with it and I am not the only one who’s imperfect, too. So yeah. We all have different experiences but one cannot just say “no one can fathom what one has been through” because we all have our unique experiences. Each one of us has unique challenges. And it doesn’t mean, too that even if we believe in one God, we have to have or we have to express our beliefs like others does. Isn’t double standard, don’t you think? One might not understand one’s ways but also one must remember the word “RESPECT”. We all have our differences and we see things in different perspective.. just hope every one sees it that way, not just one side of the coin. I don’t despise people that are like that, well at some point I dislike them but I also get to think of the things as to there could prolly be reasons why one acts like that.. deep seated pains or it’s their defense mechanism. Ah! People. Ironies and idiosyncrasies. LOL

Alas! Glad to communicate with one of the special people in my life, too! One of the reasons why I am happy. :3

The person isn’t just special but I am happy I am the same way to the person, too. One of the people who’s helped me get through things and let me be.. who accepts me for me and who encourages me to be more which also in a way brought my confidence and self esteem back. So blessed and grateful for everything.

Getting there! Soon! Just so keen for the future! Woohoo! 🙂

Happiness’ too big for my lil worries! God’s will be done. :3


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We can't choose what stays and fades away. So cherish every moment, pray, love, live and laugh like it's the last. – SM

10 thoughts on “Happy Kid”

  1. I think you wish to be happy but aren’t feeling it. If you were genuinely happy, wouldn’t you have more energy? Or, maybe you’re so happy you don’t need to write anything other than I AM HAPPY.

    That is not your best picture up there, by the way:P More sour than sweet:)


    1. That’s me being happy. Hahaha.

      I am really happy.. just a bit tired. But yeah, I am. Just couldn’t express the last part about that special someone though prolly the reason why you thought I am not genuinely happy. 😛


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