Community Immersion

If there’s a will, there’s a way.

That’s the quote I have heard from long time ago when I kinda understood what’s going on with the world. LOL

And that saying slash quote just signifies something to me tonight. Someone really made an effort to find me. :3

Ah! Just blessed for being alive. I was too disappointed earlier as I wasn’t able to do what I wanted to do. But it was like God saying that it wasn’t time, so just spare me some time as I will share something more important than that.

And He did! I was not expecting I’d accompany Nanay today. My heart was heavy not because I didn’t want to go but because I wanted to do something. Sometimes, God gives us signs and He had His ways of saying not just yet. So there!

We went to Baan today with aunt Maureen and reached out to someone who was a bit sick. She’s one of Nanay’s good friend from way back. She was healed, and being there just calmed me down as saw things on a different perspective.

I met her family and its just nice seeing them happy and relieved when they finally see that their loved one had been healed. We had a great time and great laughs. We stayed longer than we expected but things were worth it. I also experienced the joy of being in a big family even though I am just a random stranger to them.

Also a good time to be out once in a while and have a glimpse of the town as I haven’t been out there too much. The feel of the hot scorching sun and the warm breeze, and the views of people from all walks of life passing by every street of Butuan.

I also took some snap shots of Agusan River and the viaduct while passing by, too.


It was a lovely day indeed. 🙂

Didn’t managed to get a better shot on the iPod as we’re also in a hurry. Great thing it wasn’t rush hour just yet. 🙂


That’s one of Butuan’s public utility motorcycle cab or “tricycle” as what wr call it. It’s one of our signature transport around town and some parts of the city that’s close to downtown. 🙂

I used the term community immersion, it is the only thing that’s a bit close to what I had today. I remember that as one of the subjects I have to take when I was in college for the course that I took which was Education. Hahaha.

Going out to communities and reach out to people and share what you can for their good. 🙂

There you go! This isn’t a bad day. It’s a lovely day despite the disappointment and for being exhausted after being out there. Great experience today!

Thank you God!

Lovely day WordPress!


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We can't choose what stays and fades away. So cherish every moment, pray, love, live and laugh like it's the last. – SM

12 thoughts on “Community Immersion”

  1. You wanted to do what which left you feeling like a stubborn child not wanting to do what you didn’t choose to do?:P

    I would have probably felt the same. Why go? Sure, it’s nice to help people when in the mood. But, if I am not in the mood or feel like it’s the right time/place…what then? I might have appreciated the change of scenery, though. But, the pictures don’t inspire me to travel:D


      1. Have been off lately coz of unstable Internet connection. The connection’s back but I’m not sure how long.. Just making the most of things at the moment.

        Anxious about what? Allergies? 🙂


      2. I’ve been having troubles getting here, myself, the past few days. It likes to taunt me, it seems.

        No, no allergies, anymore, thankfully. Just anxious about the end of the year approaching, holidays, life, tasks I am avoiding.


      3. Too much thinking I suppose. Or just don’t want to be there.. I mean the situation or the things and the possibilities of what will happen in the coming days hey?

        Just chill some times. Take a break and give time to clear your head. You’ve been doing a lot lately I reckon. Especially with the book your doing.

        Good to know you don’t have the allergies these times. 🙂


      4. It’s ironic. I’m looking at astrology posts, and the first I see shows a perfect synopsis. It says emotionally we may be feeling changes we don’t want to face. But, if we listen to our Mercury/brain and Saturn (deeper truth/fate), soon, they will come effortlessly.

        It’s hard for me to chill. I feel guilty doing anything remotely fun or creative for myself.

        Yea, and today I’ve been dabbling with the next book in the series.


      5. Then lezzgo shopping! Hehehehe

        I kinda dig that astrology thing. I am feeling the same at the moment but life’s too short to be anxious. Whatever will be, will be. 🙂

        How’s the book going?


      6. Lezzgo shopping?:P Nice. But, retail therapy is an old vice I wish to avoid like an alcoholic dodges a bar. If you saw my “hoarding room”…

        Yea, dig that crazy hazy astrology thang, mang…that kookoo crazy astrology thang…shoo bee doo bee dooo…

        Blah, screw the short life crap! We’re immortal. And, take that QUE SERA for a hike, too:P

        Which book?:D


      7. Be careful what you wish for. I was half-asleep and just thinking maybe we stress out for no reason. Maybe we just cycle through things and come back another way to face them again or others. I dunno. I was in rare form.


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