Tomorrow is a Gift, Not a Guarantee

I do not have any skills when it comes to writing..

I don’t do poetry, creative writing or technical writing either but I say what I feel, I think out loud.

I don’t know how I can help others but I am striving to do good and be good.

In my own little way, I share my thoughts to you.

I don’t have a mind like Albert Einstein,

or experiences like Nelson Mandela;

passion for arts like Picasso or Vincent Van Gogh;

a beauty like Marilyn Monroe;

dedication like Mother Theresa;

a wisdom like King Solomon,

but only with a heart that loves God with all my heart and soul.

I thank God for the gift of yesterday, today and tomorrow and I am making use of it with a lot of joy and less sorrow. 🙂



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We can't choose what stays and fades away. So cherish every moment, pray, love, live and laugh like it's the last. – SM

3 thoughts on “Tomorrow is a Gift, Not a Guarantee”

  1. I say this too often probably. But, I am sick of poetry…yet, now and then, I find myself coming up with lame rhymes. It’s hard for me to read poetry…especially when so many women (and a few laid-back, pot-smoking men) post poetry in their blogs about everything from weather to love connections.

    I am sure you could do one form of writing or the other. If you’re not creative at all, you’re bound to be technical. I can’t see myself being too technical as I hate “business speak” and most paperwork. But, I sure am creative and skilled with spontaneous metaphors.

    And, as for speaking out loud, we both ought to know that’s often more trouble than its worth. Ironically, I don’t speak my feelings enough…probably because I don’t feel the receiver will reciprocate the way I’d like. Instead, I anticipate a negative response and button my lip…sometimes holding back a well of tears.

    Some would compare me to Einstein. I don’t exactly want to spent half my life in prison to be a Mandela. I already had a blacker than blue period; and I don’t want to make weird works like Picasso made. Nor do I want to lose my ear or life out of madness over love like Van Gogh.

    I don’t want a beauty mark.

    I’d shoot for the Solomon wisdom. But, even the bible warned Adam and Eve to stay clear of the wisdom tree.

    I don’t know you all that well, but I get the impression you have a fair amount of smarts, kindness, humor and creativity. And, even if neither you nor I are the best of anything, we’re still part of the big beach directing the ocean tides. One grain of sand still makes a difference.


  2. Oh, and your beauty is unique. Not everyone can be a super model or sex symbol. But, hopefully, we are beautiful to someone. I know it’s no good to put myself down. But, I don’t think I ever had much in the looks department. And, what I have has withered already with age. I know I still have charms. But, I don’t value them much based upon results.


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