From A Filipina’s Point of View in Response to a Pinoy Reporter’s Culture Shock.

Back home in Manila, and feeling out of place

That’s a post from a Filipino correspondence Raul Dancel for Singapore’s Strait Times on March 23 that I have read last night.

I have been dealing with pre-birthday blues the past days and been silent for some time but this one got my attention.
Funny how a fellow Filipino felt estranged in his own country, the Philippines. For crying out loud, how can someone feel that?! Well From someone who have been overseas from some time, and from a country who uses British English as mother tongue, I have adapted Australia’s ways and language and terminology while I was there but that didn’t stopped me from using my own language when I was in Australia and even after I got back.

There have been slangs and terms from Aussie that I like using around family which they knew about and or to friends but just because you know better than others, or you learned terms that are way different from us Filipinos who grew up on which is in fact the American English, you have to make them look like fools and some kind of idiotic-slash-imbecile-kind-of-Filipinos.
I remembered ranting about how I dislike Manila because of the humongous traffic jam all through out the day but that didn’t stopped me from loving my country.
You, Mr. Dancel is entitled to your own opinions and so am I. I have nothing against you but I just find it obnoxious though for you to ever feel that way. You have lived three quarters of your 40 odd years here in this country, and only seven years in SG yet you acted like you have lived 40 odd years there.

Life in SG may be far better off than what you have in Philippines but I hope that reminds you of where you came from. Life in the Philippines is radically flawed and imperfect but that doesn’t mean everything around you is bad. I hope when you look in the mirror, it reminds you of your roots and realise it’s not bad to be a Filipino either. That brings us back and reminds us of an old Filipino adage, “ang hindi lumingon sa pinanggalingan, hindi makakarating sa paroroonan.”  (“He who does not remember where he came from, will never reach his destination”). 

It’s just a bit sad as a Filipino to read your article and your lamentations on Philippines’ ways. You made us really think you’re insanely estranged and having rough times during your stay. Just because you’re staying in your adopted country SG doesn’t mean you’re Singaporean already, you’re still a Filipino and hope eventually you’ll feel “at home” here. 🙂

I hope this serves as a lesson to Filipinos who’s living here in the Philippines and most, for those of you who’s overseas to stay grounded, get a grip and always remember where we came from. Love your origin, love yourself. 🙂

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We can't choose what stays and fades away. So cherish every moment, pray, love, live and laugh like it's the last. – SM

One thought on “From A Filipina’s Point of View in Response to a Pinoy Reporter’s Culture Shock.”

  1. I am inclined to think no land is ideal or utopian. But, the “grass on the other side” is often refreshing and initially delightful. Over time, I think we all find some flaws in where we roost…though, recent reports on Denmark speak otherwise. Follow the yellow brick road.

    I too feel a bit estranged in my homeland…especially as other cultures inject, invade and, in their own way, take over some aspects while other aspects are perpetually run by some unseen family dynasties behind the scenes…although that may be changing and responsible for things falling apart.

    In short, I no longer celebrate the Fourth of July with the same patriotism. I don’t think the US deserves its cake after getting involved in slavery, cheap labor/poor economy and insurance practices and too many wars. Not to mention insisting it’s still number one, only to anger other lands.


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