Happy April Fools, Baby! Ü



Thank you God for waking me up today! Yay! Another year to look forward to! Thank you for another life, Happy 28th years of existence to me!

And I’d like to shout out to every one who’s celebrating their birthdays today, too!

I have been so upset earlier.. too disappointed for the most part. I have been expecting too much lately.. and well anxieties most of all. What will I look forward tomorrow or the coming year? I am feeling heaps of responsibilities over my shoulder this time. I know.. worrying is a waste of time. Blimey! LOL

A lot of pressure, too.


I know, right? I am getting old. Ouch. I feel my back twitching. I can hear it. LOL

I had to process earlier this morning, too. I can’t stand feeling sorry for myself not having what I wanted or expected. It hurts a bit.. and it’s not nice to dwell on it forever. (Playing the song “Let It Go” in the background) Hah!

Thank you God for this lovely day. Regardless of the bad vibes, I have a lot of things and people to be thankful for. Need not mention them one by one, God knows who they are and God will bless all of them soon.

Received a lot of heartfelt and warm greetings since yesterday from good friends, close friends, acquaintances and family. Feeling so blessed and grateful from the love I have received. I don’t have much of material gifts compared the last years but hey, it’s the thoughts that counts and more thoughts. Hahaha

As I grow older(ahem) and mature(cough cough) I am learning to appreciate life more and the lil things as well. I didnt’ have a party, no cakes, no fancy clothes and loads of food; didn’t have material gifts either but I have the loving from family, friends and the gift of life, joy and humility.

Lifted up a prayer earlier today and this afternoon. God’s will be done!

Thank you ever so much my Dear God for all of these. I could not ask for more. ♥

Sorry, I can’t help it. Selfie for my first day of being 28th. It’s not illegal, isn’t it? LOL :3

With cousin earlier this arvo showing off our nails. Don’t make sense but hey! This is us. hahaha
And lastly, one last selfie. 😀


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We can't choose what stays and fades away. So cherish every moment, pray, love, live and laugh like it's the last. – SM

One thought on “Happy April Fools, Baby! Ü”

  1. Yes, the “let it go” song is a big help, lately…sure to be replaced by other similar songs encouraging us distressed, longing souls to shed our tears and move on.

    We’re far from “bridezillas” but still frustrated we aren’t where we still don’t know we want/need to be. Fire signs seeking our matches and burn brighter for the good of all and our best potential selves.

    Screw material gifts. I don’t even look for them, anymore. Let them go. But, what I look for is true appreciation and respect/understanding from those I know. I have made efforts for years to keep after everyone’s birthdays. And, how many fail to remember mine after promising they wouldn’t? So, all my lovely chat mates from years of Yahoo past…so what if I didn’t email you this or last year? You never remembered my birthday after all the cards I sent you. I let it go. I’ll make more cards and do all the lovely favors I like to do for others when someone finally remembers the guy who gave so much of his time and heart to those he could not visit with the way he wanted. And, it breaks my heart to treasure one who made the effort to paint me a picture and leave her mark on it…just to be take from–or, rather, leave–me.

    Lovely birthday pictures from you, too. That’s a gift to those who see this and care.

    …did you color your hair? Don’t mess with nature:) Youth comes from within…and you can always put on a wig for a day:P


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