RP: 10 Things Only Filipinos Who Grew Up In The Philippines Will Understand

A post from The Manila Survival Guide, here are few of the things Filipinos do that only Filipinos understand 😛

10 Things Only Filipinos Who Grew Up in the Philippines Will Understand

Like any other group of people, Filipinos have their own quirks and idiosyncrasies. To highlight the point, in  this article, we’re giving you 10 things only Filipinos who grew up in the Philippines will understand.

1. Going for days without eating rice is torture.

It’s not considered a meal unless rice is involved. Otherwise, it’s a form of “dieting”.

2. Taking public transportation is an art form.


So you take a jeepney going to Fairness, stop on the first kanto you see with a huge Jollibee sign, walk to the tricycle terminal and ask the driver to take you to Chuva street. Make sure you only pay P20 for the ride, they can spot a newbie from a mile away. Oh, and make sure you seat behind the tricycle driver so it’s a little cooler.

Or you can take a bus to Liwanagan. Make a stop on the second kanto in front of the house with a huge brown gate and a large dog. Walk until you reach the second intersection. Take the Inog jeep which will pass in front of Chuva street. You’ll know you’re there when you see a tapsilogan on the right side of the road.

Or you can just take a cab.

3. A small, intimate wedding means inviting about 300 guests.


Aside from immediate family, you’ll need to invite your cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, neighbors, friends, high school classmates, college orgmates, drinking and gimik barkada, and office colleagues. Yes, you’ll NEED to invite them.

4. Being fashionable goes hand-in-hand with being a hot, sweaty mess.


Because layering clothes with more clothes goes so well with our heat and humidity.

5. Trusting the government with anything is much like trusting a convicted felon with your house.


Why hello pork barrel scam.

6. Air-conditioning is mankind’s biggest and most important achievement. Ever.


Seriously. That’s why going to the mall is the single most popular pastime of Filipinos. Because aircon.

7. Your parents’ word is the law when you’re single.


Yes, thirty year old single Filipino men and women with jobs tremble at the thought of going home at 3am, drunk, and finding out that their parents are still awake and WAITING FOR THEM.

7.a There’s nothing wrong with living with your parents after college.

Because duh, everything is free. And they want you there anyway.

8. Canned goods are necessities.


No, seriously. We need to have canned meat, vienna sausage and corned beef in our cupboards. What do you mean why? Because we NEED them.

9. You don’t throw away used disposable containers, spoons and forks because it’s sayang.


Nothing a quick run under tap water couldn’t fix. Good as new.

10. Eating with a knife and fork is silly.


There’s a reason why a spoon looks like a mini-shovel: it’s more effective at transmitting food from your plate to your mouth.

Fine, we’ll try eating with a knife and fork when we’re in a fancy restaurant, but we won’t like it.


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