Letter From Mikee

Letter from Mikee

Mikee Cane


Whoever I have hurt and caused pain in the past and today, I am sorry.

Whoever hurt and caused me pain yesterday and today, don’t worry.

I never forgot what you did, but

I hold no more grudges.

We are all humans and we’re not perfect,

I forgave you,

For all you know, long time ago.

If I am no longer in your path, please, don’t chase me.

I am in a place where things are way better, just leave me be.

I am no longer who I was, I am no longer whom you thought you once knew.

Please, don’t miss me,

Coz I no longer miss you. 🙂



So I was browsing earlier and saw people from the past, specifically the biological family.

It’s been 6years. 6years of being estranged from them.

I saw their recent photos and the people I saw on those photos were the people I no longer knew.

The kids of the bio parents, whom I used to call “sisters” and “brothers” have grown.. things have changed. A whole LOT of CHANGE.

I am not sure if they’ll get to read this, but I have to do this and express this feelings and thoughts out loud so I can move on to another level and no longer linger on this phase ever again. Call me stone hearted, mean, woman with no heart or whatever. But I have reasons. Reasons only a few understands and few knows. 🙂


Seeing all of you is not as painful as it was. I am no longer emotional. I know there are things you want to tell me still but please understand, I do not want to ever connect with you again. I am at peace until you came back again this year trying to reconnect to me. You disowned me for gerdamseyk. You have thrown a lot negative things about me. Like a LOT. To everyone. Literally every one. You never treated me like your family.

So please, for the sake of peace in our lives, stop. I do not want to deal with you any more. I am done dealing with your negativities. I am done hating, I am done crying. I am done questioning God.. asking Him why’d I have to deal with those things. Please understand I can no longer tolerate or accept and answer messages from you anymore. I don’t want to answer or ever have connection with you again. I don’t wanna be in to another “DRAMA” again. I have lifted everything up to God, and He will take care of it. He will take care of all of YOU. So yes, stop. 🙂


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We can't choose what stays and fades away. So cherish every moment, pray, love, live and laugh like it's the last. – SM

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