I long for no break ups, no goodbyes. I long for forever.

– Mikee Cane


Another week has passed.. well getting there and feeling so blah. I don’t know how to describe it really. I’ve been binging and munching too many chocolates and sweets this week. I need to get hyped! I need moxie.

And that personal quote there, some memories I have recollected and I came up with that.. I wanted to make a poem but I’ve no idea where to start so I am just collecting these thoughts one a time.

I was not even back on my weekly routine just yet not because I am being a slacker but because I haven’t had time and too tired the whole time. It’s as if I am just living for nothing at the moment.. like I am just here getting by. Oh what a week!

A lot has happened this week, too and looking forward for more which is good. haha

Speaking of feeling tired, there’s also something I have been feeling that I don’t even know how to describe nor explain and I just let myself get drown with it. I am not lonely for sure and it’s not about the soft and breezy songs that made me.

There’s something I’ve been praying fervently and I couldn’t tell anyone about it so yeah, that’s probably one.

I celebrated a lot of anniversaries this month, too. Hahaha.

First year on WordPress, first year knowing my brother from another momma, a year of having “work”, it’s been a year since I haven’t traveled, a year being single, a year full of ups and downs and a whole lot of roller coaster of emotions and experiences. Wow.

Looking forward to brighter days still and things will eventually fall to where they should be.

On the contrary, earlier this week a cousin of mine received a message from someone who wants us down. Such a pity really. Maybe it stirred up from my post about someone checking if I am a scam. Ha!

Funny that!

Funny how one really point their fingers to us doing something which we never did and pretending and feeling like they’re perfect and too clean!

Why is it that no matter how much I try to mind my own life there will always be haters, bashers and naysayers who keeps pulling me down!?

Human nature eh? I wish these mobs will go get  a life and mind their own. Oh well.

A message for you whoever you are: Go ahead. Do what makes you happy. You will never bring me down coz my feet are still on the ground. Hahaha.

I will never ever stoop down to where you are, I ain’t got no time for that. I will always be the itch you can’t scratch. Deal with that!

Oh and please be reminded to look and examine yourself in the mirror first before pointing your fingers to someone else’s imperfections. I ain’t perfect, so are you.

Anywho, thank you for with you around there somewhere, you keep me grounded. 🙂


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We can't choose what stays and fades away. So cherish every moment, pray, love, live and laugh like it's the last. – SM

12 thoughts on “Blah.”

  1. I don’t know anyone who longs for breakups and goodbyes (unless they’re burning bridges). But, I bet if we did start looking forward to them, we’d suffer less when they hit us.

    I can only stomach so many snacks, myself. My anxiety has been up an down for weeks…if not months. If I am getting no joy from my chocolate and other snacks, it’s wasted. The same goes for any form of entertainment. If I haven’t had enough “substance” lately, I don’t enjoy the “fluff.” Doing anything solo usually sucks. And, worrying about running into conflicts doesn’t help.

    I think some poem thoughts come out as one-liners or “tweets.”

    Calling ourselves slackers probably doesn’t make us feel any better or more focused, either, does it? Or, is that the slap you need?

    I think you and I are probably in denial for our own sakes when we claim to not be lonely. But, in truth, if we’ve been non-social according to some national standard I dare not calculate or find online, I suspect we will suffer the symptoms.

    A year since you traveled and have been single…ha! Try ten years. A year is nothing:P What you did/do in a year, I did over a decade.

    Gosh, I am slow:(

    Well, you can only curl so far in a corner before you run out of breathing space. And, if we think others will peck at us, I suspect we might give them such thoughts (instead of them actually intentionally thinking them). But, it’s also probably good “caution” to expect some to eventually give us negative output. A bad apple in the barrel of good. Don’t expect a perfect barrel.


    1. I don’t think someone will look forward to breakups..
      and even so, expecting something or looking forward to something cannot lessen suffering.. I don’t think so anyway 🙂


      1. There is a saying…If you want peace, be prepared for war. I would say you could apply that to any pursuit of a relationship. If you want a happy union, be prepared to be let go. Be prepared to make mistakes and either work to fix them or realize those are signs why the relationship won’t work.


      2. I am not sure what time it is by you, but yer probably over-tired or in a funk (again). You can just rest your head on my shoulder, but make sure I can still work my mouse and type:P


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