If I Could.

If I Could

Mikee Cane

If I could spit all my feelings.. but I can’t.

Maybe people will say, oh that’s just a simple rant.

It’s like I am strangled by my own feelings and it’s ironic.

I wanna scream and shout, oh, I am on it!

If I could spit it all out.

If I could, I am not sure if people will treat me the same as they treat me now.

I wish you knew. I so wish you all knew.. but how?

If I could..

I can’t even spit it all myself out.


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We can't choose what stays and fades away. So cherish every moment, pray, love, live and laugh like it's the last. – SM

3 thoughts on “If I Could.”

  1. I think you subconsciously like being strangled by those feelings. There’s a therapy “schtick” going around that says we sometimes use negative things in our lives like security blankets because they are familiar to us. It may be painful, toxic or unsettling, but we know it well. So, you feel the hoses and vines around your neck. You struggle to speak and breathe…but it’s what you know. So, it’s like a baby’s crib. It’s home. And, it’s hard to leave.

    Why do we do this to ourselves?

    I just want to squeeze those feelings you hide out…and I want to cry on your shoulder.


      1. Well, I guess until you truly come to terms with these tangled up, bottled feelings, none of us can help. Can we?

        I didn’t mean strangled literally. But, sometimes, I think we find ourselves in a field of vines and decide to sleep in that tangle.

        You telling yourself it doesn’t make sense to say it sounds like someone has made you believe it’s senseless. It’s like men saying they can’t cry because it wouldn’t be manly. That’s nonsense. We’re all human with human emotions. It’s when we deny ourselves the ability to feel that…well, you get a guy like me who wants to cry but won’t cry alone.


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