Know Your Worth.

There is no wrong for recognizing your worth.

– MC


I am back on here, temporarily that is. 🙂

It’s been a while, worked on my new blog and stuff and things were smooth sailing until my website was suspended. ha! Howzat for a change?

So I’ve been on hiatus and thought of posting on here for some time and I missed blogging so yeah.

There have been too many things that happened.. some good, most were not so good ones. Like unfortunate ones actually.. however, there’s always good in the bad. Or maybe that’s just how I am.

So what’s new?

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2014-11-21 09.39.20 20141121_140854

Pardon all the selfies but I don’t do it as often.. but when I do, I just do. Haha

Anywho, there have been a lot of ups and downs and roller coaster of emotions and happenings from that hiatus I’ve been on but still standing. I have come a long way since. Still trying to be the very best version of myself every single day.

I came back being “healthier” for some time now although I haven’t been consistent for weeks as we have been busy at home lately but I can say, and have noticed differences on my body and my system, mentally and emotionally wise as well. Still striving and got a long waaay to go yet I am enjoying this journey.

There’s still that list of unending rants and downsides/ difficulties (technical, financial and a whole lot of stuff) but life doesn’t end there. Sometimes I feel like giving up but heck, this life’s too precious to give up on and I’ve got too many things to do yet, too many places to go and discover, too many people yet to meet. Ah! The joys of life and living!

The title itself, know your worth speaks a lot of what I have been through lately.. I got rid of of a few people that’s not meant to stay in my life and not worth staying, and felt great.. I learned not to chase people who’s not worth my time which is really really great, and now feeling comfortable of being by myself (relationship wise that is). I have learned that I really don’t need people to validate my worth, and it’s never ever selfish knowing your worth. Sometimes our thirst for people’s compliment and attention pushes us to shame, making ourselves look dehydrated.

Loving, accepting and appreciating oneself isn’t bad.. it’s a great step to being able to love and appreciate people all the more. Being where I am today from where I used to before have made me become grateful and appreciate life more.. I know there are still things that needs to be sorted out soon, financial wise and technical wise but I don’t let it get to me. It sure did for some time in the past but I am already too tired of worrying that looking back at it, made me realised I missed too much on this life. 🙂

So there..

Whoever that person God meant for me, I am sure he will arrive in time. I am never pressured at the moment although there are times I caught myself thinking on things yet I am keeping the faith.

I still have a long way to go, to get there but I don’t fret. Things will come to pass, the struggles I have today will become joy in the morning.

I hope y’all are having a lovely weekend!

Cheers! ♥


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We can't choose what stays and fades away. So cherish every moment, pray, love, live and laugh like it's the last. – SM

2 thoughts on “Know Your Worth.”

  1. Some say I am priceless. Others make it seem like I am worthless. I don’t know which to believe or pursue/defend. So, I am worth whatever the person I am with declares me until I decide to seek sanctuary. It would be nice to rest with someone who truly valued me…and if I could value them.

    Temporarily, huh? I was thinking you might have jumped ship for good.

    Suspended? Meaning?

    So, when you go silent, things are happening.

    I like the side-view pic with the bright light and white tank top, miss selfie-monster:P You don’t do it often, whateverrrr. 🙂

    I improved my diet over the past 4 years and have noticed differences. But, I am not sure I can keep this up and am still unhappy with some “unfortunate events.” I would like to think my better diet has improved my psychology, but I can’t be sure of that lately.

    It’s a precious life, but that’s what the world tells you, too. Much the way it tells you to save for this and spend on that. What do we really know of life’s value when bombarded with people telling us what to think? And, when left alone, don’t we go crazy trying to decide? Some say life is precious…and then some of the same could just as well send their children off to war and call that patriotic pride. Some may say life is precious…and then sign up to kill foreigners who get caught up in some disagreement over resources.

    And, as time slips through my/our fingers, how many of those things yet to do seem viable/achievable? How many might we be too old for? I don’t want to think about it…but I do.


  2. If you ask God and you can be patient…he will deliver…here is an example and I got my answer!


    Sometimes I feel so crazy now
    Especially at night, so very alone
    My heart and soul feel so empty
    As my thoughts just seem to roam

    It seems entirely different these days
    How my mistakes I seem to repeat
    Whenever I lead with my emotions
    Not really evaluating what my eyes see

    It seems I become more uneasy now
    No longer sure if I should take a chance
    As it seems each time I lead with my heart
    It always ends in another broken romance

    So I think I’ll hold still for the present
    Placing my faith in God that I will not slip
    And the wife that I have asked Him for
    Will come into my life with a lasting bliss

    Wendell A. Brown
    Written November 1976…I got my answer April 1977 near the end of that month, when I met my wife to be, we were married June 24 1977, and are still one together….your blessing will come just believe and wait on the Lord, I always chose wrong but he will choose who is right for you,..wait on him in prayer.

    Have a wonderful and blessed weekend Mikee!


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