Poetry: Tired

Mikee Cane

I am tired of fighting, I wanna be fought for;
I am tired of waiting, I wanna be waited for.
I am tired caring, I wanna be cared for;
I am tired of loving, I wanna love and be loved in return.
I am tired of giving, I don’t wanna just give but also receive;
I am tired of living, I wanna be the reason why someone lives.
I am tired of being empty, I wanna be fueled up with love and compassion;
I am tired of sleeping by myself, I wanna wake up with someone beside me.
I am tired of frowning, I wanna smile like every day and be someone’s reason to smile;
I am tired of being alone, I wanna be yours ’til the end of time.


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We can't choose what stays and fades away. So cherish every moment, pray, love, live and laugh like it's the last. – SM

5 thoughts on “Poetry: Tired”

      1. I’m never sure if you are just behind or avoiding things/people. I get it if you just need space to work yourself out. I just prefer not to be so alone…even if I feel alone.

        Better is a shaky term. Just when I think I am, something crappy comes up. So, for now, no, I am not better. And, everyone else around me who might be suffering…they’re just being quiet for now.


      2. It’s been tough past months for me and I am really not as sociable as I was before. I have moments when I can be bitter or cranky for the most times. That is why I am behind and I am avoiding others..


      3. I am trying to maintain a level of social activity, but even that is faltering. And, I hate it. Yet, I have new reasons to be on guard and not trust what is handed to me.

        Me, too. I’ve been unusually cranky, bitter and edgy. But, if nothing else, I try to keep up with emails.


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