Introspection: Flashbacks and Reflections

If you’d rather live or die, it’s all in your hands. Same thing with living out of love or dying full of spite and hate. -MC

We all know life is only temporary, we don’t know when death will come knocking on our doors to tell us when it is time to go. It comes like a thief in the night and take life that easily without saying a word, without hesitation, without a doubt. We all know that our days are counted, specifically by time, sometimes by the moments and how we live our lives day to day. Given all these, shouldn’t we live life more than we ever should be?

It just came to me a few days ago, after watching a Filipino indie movie called “Tuhog” which means skewer that points specifically on people’s lives interconnecting with each other and how a certain accident, three people getting skewed in a tube all at once made an impact and looked back on the kind of life they are living. I have seen this movie a few times two years ago, and seeing it again, it reminded me and brought about a lot of things that happened to my life, to the people around me and how things used to be.

I am making this post not for just one particular person anyway, to whom it may due or this post is applicable to, or whoever may read this and find this useful, we all know that life is fleeting, you know, we are not certain of how long we will stay in this beautiful world and how long we will surround our loved ones with our presence, so instead of putting down people and treating them like sh*t, why don’t we spread love? We all know life is limited and our days are counted, isn’t this enough reason to love more, give more, be more kind and show more compassion to others?

Instead of bashing people and throwing a lot of things to them, including hurtful words, why don’t we throw love, compassion, kindness, understanding and more love that’d make people better, instead of making them bitter?

So instead of asking people to treat you with respect, how about ask yourself if you have enough respect for yourself to treat others the way they have to be treated? If you have a time to reflect on the past, and I am not suggesting this to make you look back and make you remember the past and make you feel bad, although that is part of it but I mean if you could look back at it and check where you are right now, shouldn’t you be grateful you’re still alive? That up to this very day, you’re still able to breathe freely and you still can hear, see, feel and be able to spend time to whoever you have to spend your life with? For all those challenges you have in life years ago, look at you now. You have had a whole lot of battles– just like everyone else. Isn’t that one way for you to understand others more? To remind us to be thankful of what we have and what we don’t. To remind us that others, just like you are fighting battles. It may not be totally the same but heck, if you are hurting, others are, too. Isn’t that also a reminder to stop hurting others and drag them to your dramas in life? Isn’t that a reminder that everyone have their own share of drama and dragging them to join you in their drama is already too much, instead of helping them get through their battles?

Most of us, too think that money and material things matters the most, that it’s what makes one happy and contented. We proudly share our things, which isn’t bad at all but if it’s the only thing that matters to one person or whoever it is, I don’t think that’s even good to start with. Flashing their new house, and “brand” new cars which isn’t really brand new, the places they have been to, the food you eat, how much makeup one wears and how “blessed” you are with your friends; but are they really your real friends?! They might give you compliments on your social media walls, and applause you for having a good life but do they really care about you? What if you have none of these things around you, will they be the kind of people who will stick with you and help you!? You show how comfortable and how happy life is– but are we really happy? You smile so big but is it really worth it? Are you happy, like genuinely happy? We usually think that just coz others don’t have what we have they are unhappy and they are envy?!

I have seen a lot of people from every walks of life, some I know nothing of, some I know in person. It’s just sad to see this though that instead of living our own lives and living how it is supposed to be — with love and giving love, sending kindness and compassion; most of us, or let’s say some of us, we are living our lives full of loathe and people full of pride, too stuck of the things of the past without forgiveness and dying never having it and knowing it, too. If people set aside pride and hatred, we could have a better world, or a better life for most of us. If people aren’t too biased to see things and if they see things on other perspective and open their eyes, ears, mind, arms and most of all heart to it and acknowledge what we have and we don’t and most of all, acknowledge love, kindness, compassion, and most of all forgiveness. If only we’ll acknowledge the lil things, a child’s cry and laugh, the beauty of nature, the smile of our loved ones, their presence; even how much they annoy the hell of us– all these things immaterial things that make up life.

Just because I am saying this doesn’t mean I am better than anyone else, and that I am perfect nor practice what I am saying here. I am a human like everyone else, I have my imperfections and I have my flaws. I am not saying this because I have better understanding but because I have experienced this personally and I know how it feels, to hurt people– may it be unintentional or intentional, and be hurt; to love so much to the core and not loved in return; to give and share in general but didn’t get the same; to fight battles I am not sure if it’s worth fighting but I am still holding on coz I know things will be better and life will be better in the end, or that whatever I am going through or anyone is going through, big or small, you’ll get through it. That no matter how much hopeless or tiring life can be, there’s always rainbow after the rain. Most of all, if you wanna be treated with love and respect, we must also give what we wanted to receive. Respect, love and kindness begets the same. That even if you don’t acknowledge God in your life, I know some don’t you still acknowledge these things that makes you grateful you’re still alive.

I hope everyday is a reminder for all of us, that life is short, unpredictable and precious. God is great and He his love is never ending. Life has a lot to offer, if we only open our beings and let love conquer. :)

Have a blessed day peepulz! :mrgreen:

– MC


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We can't choose what stays and fades away. So cherish every moment, pray, love, live and laugh like it's the last. – SM

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