Unboxing BYS Special Edition GlamourboxPH

Hello everyone! How are y’all doing? I have been on hiatus and thought of sharing something I don’t usually share and post on here. I know most of my friends and family for the most part is aware that I am really not into makeups. I have been so amused and amazed and so into it that whenever I have a new set of makeups, I feel like a kid inside. I feel happy and I am so easily entertained, I feel giddy. Hehe

It was my birthday a week and few days ago and I received gifts(which obviously are makeups hence this post) and I would love to share it with you guys.

I rarely do this but I need to share it since it’s one helluva great deal with great perks so far. I’ve been watching tutorials and how to’s on YT and stumbled upon some videos unboxing something that is called Glamourbox. It is a website that sells beauty and health products and also have great offers and subscription boxes for affordable price! Yep! I know makeup products can be pricey, like it takes an arm and a leg! Haha.

I am by no means a beauty expert but I have tried a few products and this product which is the BYS or Be Yourself, a cosmetic line from Australia have been doing such a great job and I am so loving the products I got so far! GlamourboxPhΒ is offering this limited time subscription box for Php1,100.00 for products worth Php3,000. You just need to join and subscribe and viola! You can purchase your box πŸ™‚

Since I am just getting the hang of putting on makeup and learning the art of it, a very special person got it for my birthday and I am so happy to share it to you guys!

I don’t have a video of it but I will share some photos of the products and list their respective retail prices in the malls locally(Philipine peso)

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


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This is called the Matte Maven collection which consists of matte products.

BYS Contour & Highlighting Kit (Daring or Goddess) 12g – 1,099.00

BYS Eyeshadow 8 Palette Neutrals 8g – 449.00

BYS Liquid Brow Pen (Brown or Light Brown) 1.5ml – 449.00

BYS Eyeliner Gel with Brush (Black Magic) 3.5g – 549.00

BYS Matte Lipstick (Latte To Go) 3.5g – 299.00

BYS Matte Nail Polish Enamel (Assorted shades) 14ml – 199.00

All of the products are all matte and their eyeliner and brow pen are also waterproof. Anyone of you guys from Philippines who’s interested in this deal, you can check out GlamourboxPh website for the deets or you can just drop your comments here, too. I’d be happy to share them with you. Enjoy shopping!



Soooo… here I am again, I don’t know what “look” I am trying to achieve here, I just had the notion of putting on a “mask” so there ya go!


I am taking a break from my deep thoughts here, it’s been a while and it feels like I’ve been stuck and drowned with sadness and depression for so long. When all else fail, try putting on a makeup. Haha

I have never been a fan of putting on makeup on myself, I am never against makeup but more often than not, it gives a negative connotation on my end not because I hate it but because I have seen women who wore too much of it to the extent of deceiving a lot of people including themselves. Don’t get me wrong, it does enhance beauty and helped a lot of women, but others use it too much. And as the saying goes, too much of something is bad.. so there goes my speech. πŸ˜›

I admit, I wear them but only on occasions which is sooo rare. I go out and about wearing my bare face, sometimes with a baby powder, lipstick and eyeliners and that’s about it and when I have makeup on my face it’s usually my cousin who does it for me. I don’t know how to apply them. Yep, I don’t but recently realized I am not getting any younger and my cousin won’t be around every time I need her to put makeup on me.. I mean what if I go somewhere and she’s not there? I have to do it myself so I invested on a few and practiced. I have been practicing putting liquid eyeliners on me and every time I do, I fail. Until last night! Hahaha! It was one of the best feelings in the whole world, I feel so accomplished. Applying on the eyeliners and doing the cat eye makeup so perfectly is awesome! Woohoo! Bahaha! I sound so narrow but heck. I was giddy and really laughed at myself for doing so, I felt like a grown woman(I am but it felt like more) πŸ˜›

I hope y’all have a great week ahead! Stay happy, be happy and be grateful you’re alive! God bless peepulz!

PS: I never realized Maybelline products are that awesome! It’s kinda expensive but worth it especially the waterproof ones. Ever Bilena makeups are awesome, too. Way to go for me! haha

Match Made in Heaven.. Err Made by Me. :P


I don’t actually post much about beauty stuff but let me take this opportunity to share the brands I like to use on my nails. BYS nail colours are one of my fave coz they last long and sticks on to your nails nicely.

BOE Beauty’s top/base coat enamel on the other hand makes it last even longer.

So BYS + BOE = Parfait! πŸ˜€

I tried some other colours from both brands and I am certainly one happy customer. Hehehe

Thanks BYS and BOE! πŸ™‚