Until Then

Until Then

Mikee Cane

So there’s this guy,

He is sweet and nice.

Met him over the internet.

It’s never new, with technology these days, it’s never a taboo.

I am from the east, he’s from the west.

There’s no biggie,

distance is just a space;

still we live on the same planet.

He likes me, I like him, too.

But that’s just that, nothing new.

We said our hi’s and hello’s

we took our time, I thought we’re good to go.

But sadly, its just that.

Nothing more to expect.

Oh well, until then.

I’ll meet someone and try again.

Disclaimer: This is just a poem, don’t think this is for someone in particular. Don’t be too narrowminded. Please. Hehe 😛


A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s Love

Mikee Cane

I used to have a mother
but now it’s all done.
My heart aches for a mother’s love,
A love like no other.
The thread that holds her heart to mine is far away gone.
A love I never had for years,
and usually brought me to tears.
My heart aches for a mother’s love
A  love that forgives;
A love that understands,
A love that never ends.
A love that is unconditional,
A love that’s not judgmental.
How I long to have those happy times
Back when I was a child…
Tucked in the arms of my beloved mother,
the child whom you loved so dear.
I long for a mother’s love,
from my mother that’s now long gone.


Letter From Mikee

Letter from Mikee

Mikee Cane


Whoever I have hurt and caused pain in the past and today, I am sorry.

Whoever hurt and caused me pain yesterday and today, don’t worry.

I never forgot what you did, but

I hold no more grudges.

We are all humans and we’re not perfect,

I forgave you,

For all you know, long time ago.

If I am no longer in your path, please, don’t chase me.

I am in a place where things are way better, just leave me be.

I am no longer who I was, I am no longer whom you thought you once knew.

Please, don’t miss me,

Coz I no longer miss you. 🙂



So I was browsing earlier and saw people from the past, specifically the biological family.

It’s been 6years. 6years of being estranged from them.

I saw their recent photos and the people I saw on those photos were the people I no longer knew.

The kids of the bio parents, whom I used to call “sisters” and “brothers” have grown.. things have changed. A whole LOT of CHANGE.

I am not sure if they’ll get to read this, but I have to do this and express this feelings and thoughts out loud so I can move on to another level and no longer linger on this phase ever again. Call me stone hearted, mean, woman with no heart or whatever. But I have reasons. Reasons only a few understands and few knows. 🙂


Seeing all of you is not as painful as it was. I am no longer emotional. I know there are things you want to tell me still but please understand, I do not want to ever connect with you again. I am at peace until you came back again this year trying to reconnect to me. You disowned me for gerdamseyk. You have thrown a lot negative things about me. Like a LOT. To everyone. Literally every one. You never treated me like your family.

So please, for the sake of peace in our lives, stop. I do not want to deal with you any more. I am done dealing with your negativities. I am done hating, I am done crying. I am done questioning God.. asking Him why’d I have to deal with those things. Please understand I can no longer tolerate or accept and answer messages from you anymore. I don’t want to answer or ever have connection with you again. I don’t wanna be in to another “DRAMA” again. I have lifted everything up to God, and He will take care of it. He will take care of all of YOU. So yes, stop. 🙂



Mikee Cane

I can’t make you happy, so I am letting go, I say.

Tired and fed up of living a lie that I am happy with you and that you’re happy too.

I feel strangled, yes I am strangled and tongue tied when I am with you.

I feel empty, I feel pity, I feel so not me.

I dearly love you, I have loved you, yes I do.

But it hurts, yes it hurts and I have reached the point.

So now I am moving on, yes I am moving on, I say.

I can make it, I say.

Now I am happy, I am free. I am me.

I am finally FREE.

Just when I thought I am useless for words, I ended up writing this.

A poem, whatever you call that.. 🙂

It’s You

It’s You

Mikee Cane

You know it’s you..

you are the force behind that makes me move and do things

you are the one who cheers me up when I am struggling with tears

you are the hope and the strength I have in me aside from God and Family

you are the one that got something that I cannot explain

you are the song in me that keeps on playing over and over and I cannot ignore

you are the simple things that I adore

you are the one who knows how to lift up my heart

you are the smile who brightens up my day

you are the one who makes me more than okay

you are my everything and nobody loves me like you do

and it’s you that i love five times more than i have loved before

and it’s you who have stolen my heart

and i am telling the whole world that you are mine

It’s You..

you know it’s You

This is a poem I made a year ago..

Just thought of sharing it here. 🙂

I am not fond of writing poetry, I am not sure if you consider this a poem, but I made this from the heart. Hehehehe 🙂

I Love You

I love you

Mikee Cane

I loved you yesterday, I still love you today and I will, too, tomorrow.

I loved you not only in times of joy but also in sorrow.

I loved you like I never loved anyone

I love you, I always will and will never love no one.

I love you to the moon, past the stars and then back to the earth.

I love you, I always do, for whatever it’s worth.

– I made this up, and yeah. I love you 🙂

Some Old Note to Self. Haha :)

Just a random note from myself way back. Hahaha. 🙂

don’t pity me..

i may have loved the wrong ones..

i may be played on..

i don’t care..


i would not know anyway if i haven’t tried..

id probably be asking ”what if” again. hehe


better try and get hurt

that just wait and do nothing at all 🙂