Yirrkala Arts Center

This was taken last May, 2013 at Yirrkala Arts Center. A friend took me there and showed some of East Arnhem’s pride. 🙂

So amazed on how they do their painting. Stupendous! 🙂



Just feeling so down!
What the heck.

Remember that thing in Men in Black? The one they use to flash when people see aliens and those weird thingy bobs?

I so want one! I wish I have one. So I won’t feel these things any more. I want one them to flash one on me. :/

I am so tired of being tired. Fed up with this kind of situation. :/


Lovely Wednesday morning World!

Woke up excited and checked out my WordPress today first thing in the morning! Hahaha.

Yeah, I know right? Hehehe

Just something to look forward to during the day.. This will be my routine from now on anyway.

Things have changed and looking forward to more changes in the coming days.

I am getting there! Yay! Hahaha.

I ain’t certain of the future but just feeling the good vibes.

So keen! So ready! Letting it go and letting it God!

Have a great day everyone and God bless.

Woohoo! 😀


This is a poem I made years ago, too which remained untitled, and I am not sure if it made sense at all coz there’s not much rhyme but screw that. haha. it came from the heart and i made it! 😛


i wish i could just blow it off his face..

and just tell him..

you go your way and i’ll go mine..

live your life and i’ll live mine..

you’ll be okay and i’ll be fine..

thought you’re destined to me..

i was so confused..

there have been so many changes..

and it’s killing me..

it’s time to let you go..

it’s time to say goodbye..

we’re better off separated..

.. and i’ll be okay. ü

The Measure of Love

this is a post i have made so many years ago. 🙂

The Measure of Love

Mikee Cane

 “You don’t lose something when you give it to someone you love.”

While the world teaches us to use and exploit people to our own advantage, Jesus enjoins us to live in his love by loving one another as he has loved us.

What right does Jesus have to tell us to love one another? Love is not something begged nor dictated. It is something earned and freely given. Like Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Love is greater than sins. Jesus was not afraid to touch and heal the sick. He even whispered forgiveness to the good thief. Love can renew life. Love can cleanse sins. Love can heal the sick and love can even conquer death.

The reason why we have to love one another is not in the measure of human ability to love nor an account of how others can return our love but as God loves us.

There is no such thing as love at first sight. We say I Love You and don’t really mean it (well most of the time and most of us do) and that’s the most main reason why relationships don’t last. Your boyfriend/ husband may not be the perfect partner yet you still love him not because he met your expectations but as Jesus loved us. You may have frustrations with your children but you still continue loving them because of Christ’s love for us. Your wife or your girlfriend may have weaknessess and shortcomings but you love her because of the love of Jesus. The principle is applied to everyone around us, whether they are your friends or your enemies.

Others might say love is painful. Love indeed is with pain, but a pain that is remembered. No one, not anyone of us can deny this pain of loving. Even Jesus himself experienced pain. He was flogged, scorned and even crucified but because of this great love, he endured the pain. We hurt because we love. He who hurts the most love the most, and if you’re hurt then you’re doing it right. To withstand, this is a challenge of the power of your being. Live with it or you may cry. But in your tears, don’t forget yourself. Remember to be strong, and always bear in mind that you are life itself.

The old way of love – “Love one another as you love yourself” but Jesus’ way of love is – “Love your fellowmen as I have love them.” In short, the measure of love is Jesus. Let our love be mingled with Christ’s love. May God inspire us to pour it until the end.

Now who else would rebut that?