Poetry: But Why?

But Why?
Mikee Cane

You jeopardize the good for something new
That’s what they told me
When I left you many moons ago
Little did they know, it wasn’t me, it someone else and I had to go.

But why?
Why exchange me for somebody?
Guess it really wasn’t meant to be
What does she have that I don’t?
Does she love you like the way I do?
Does she love you more than I gave you?

I hope she keeps you happy
Give you butterflies and make you high
I hope she keeps you warm at night
And never let these moments pass you by.

I wish you all the best
A fruitful life, full of happiness
A life with loyalty and faithfulness
A life with somebody whom you will never cheat.

This was a poem I made a few months back and posted it this time as I couldn’t have the time to post as much the past days.

This has nothing to do with the present feelings for those of you wondering 🙂