It’s THOR-ific!

The whole city’s devastated still, and instead of being carried away by the situation, opted to post something lighter.

Our kitty, Thor was in the mood for some cuddles and played with him yesterday. He’s never been so keen when it comes to being cuddled the past months but lately, he’s became loving and keen on giving cuddles and is a big help to take out the stress the world’s giving us. 🙂

Took some snapshots of him and of us together.

Hope everyone’s well. Keep safe y’all! 🙂



Bundles of Joy


These are the wee ones. 🙂

From left to right; Thor, Scarlet and Jade. Teehee 🙂

These are somehow my bundles of joy these times.

Thankyou God for the lil things.

And now I am back to work!

Lovely arvo WordPress!

Me Without You.


Hahahaha! I can’t find an appropriate title for this picture.. And Loick Essen’s song’s playing..

So, there you go! Hahahaha

Jade, our kitty looks like a bit lost, too. Trying to be herself but discombobulated. Hahahaha!

Lovely arvo everyone from this side of the world!

Jade the kitty and moi. Hehehehe