Himig ng Pag-ibig

Videoke session for the last time in 2013. 😀



Sometimes, I think about the friendship I have and wished I had more but then again, I don’t want to have friends who don’t bother reconnecting. These friends have moved down to acquaintances. The “friends” I currently have, I don’t even know if they consider me their friend, too. Scratch that. However, when I really think about it, I am grateful I’ve got my real friends who are really worth talking to, and spending time with; may they be close or miles away from me.
Thank you God for this life.
– Mikee


Celebrating All Souls’ Day today and went to cemetery with family to commemorate our loved ones’ death and offer lil prayer to them this morning.

On our way to the cemetery, took some photos using cousin’s mobile (Nokia Lumia 610) with a 5megapixel camera. It’s not as great but here are the ones I like the most:

Community Immersion

If there’s a will, there’s a way.

That’s the quote I have heard from long time ago when I kinda understood what’s going on with the world. LOL

And that saying slash quote just signifies something to me tonight. Someone really made an effort to find me. :3

Ah! Just blessed for being alive. I was too disappointed earlier as I wasn’t able to do what I wanted to do. But it was like God saying that it wasn’t time, so just spare me some time as I will share something more important than that.

And He did! I was not expecting I’d accompany Nanay today. My heart was heavy not because I didn’t want to go but because I wanted to do something. Sometimes, God gives us signs and He had His ways of saying not just yet. So there!

We went to Baan today with aunt Maureen and reached out to someone who was a bit sick. She’s one of Nanay’s good friend from way back. She was healed, and being there just calmed me down as saw things on a different perspective.

I met her family and its just nice seeing them happy and relieved when they finally see that their loved one had been healed. We had a great time and great laughs. We stayed longer than we expected but things were worth it. I also experienced the joy of being in a big family even though I am just a random stranger to them.

Also a good time to be out once in a while and have a glimpse of the town as I haven’t been out there too much. The feel of the hot scorching sun and the warm breeze, and the views of people from all walks of life passing by every street of Butuan.

I also took some snap shots of Agusan River and the viaduct while passing by, too.


It was a lovely day indeed. 🙂

Didn’t managed to get a better shot on the iPod as we’re also in a hurry. Great thing it wasn’t rush hour just yet. 🙂


That’s one of Butuan’s public utility motorcycle cab or “tricycle” as what wr call it. It’s one of our signature transport around town and some parts of the city that’s close to downtown. 🙂

I used the term community immersion, it is the only thing that’s a bit close to what I had today. I remember that as one of the subjects I have to take when I was in college for the course that I took which was Education. Hahaha.

Going out to communities and reach out to people and share what you can for their good. 🙂

There you go! This isn’t a bad day. It’s a lovely day despite the disappointment and for being exhausted after being out there. Great experience today!

Thank you God!

Lovely day WordPress!

Happy Kid

If the distraction is as sweet and beautiful as you, I’d rather be distracted for the rest of my life.

– Mikee


Good afternoon WordPress! I’ve been a slacker the last days really, not because I’ve got nothing to say, it’s just that I don’t have the energy. LOL

Like it only takes few muscles to move my hand and type and a few effort for my brain hey.. but yeah. Feeling drained mentally though. Anyway, despite the challenges these days, I am happy. Really happy. Thank God.

I just feel so and just feeling blessed at the moment really.. for where I am today as a whole, and how I am dealing with all of these.. after all those down times that I have been. Focusing not just into my healing but for all these blessings God gave and is still giving me these days.

One day at a time, He’s revealed the purpose as to why things has to end at some point. Because He has greater plans.

Not long ago, too I have turned someone down.. not because  he’s not a good person but because I don’t feel like being in a relationship just yet. Aside from it’s not that long ago I have ended up one, it’s just that it’s not just right. There’s also this thing called misunderstandings, too. No matter how much I try to explain myself in a nice way, it seemed to me that I am judged even the way I express my beliefs and faith. Anyway, that was all done..

As for people who keeps on seeing my flaws, thank you. I am not the only one with it and I am not the only one who’s imperfect, too. So yeah. We all have different experiences but one cannot just say “no one can fathom what one has been through” because we all have our unique experiences. Each one of us has unique challenges. And it doesn’t mean, too that even if we believe in one God, we have to have or we have to express our beliefs like others does. Isn’t double standard, don’t you think? One might not understand one’s ways but also one must remember the word “RESPECT”. We all have our differences and we see things in different perspective.. just hope every one sees it that way, not just one side of the coin. I don’t despise people that are like that, well at some point I dislike them but I also get to think of the things as to there could prolly be reasons why one acts like that.. deep seated pains or it’s their defense mechanism. Ah! People. Ironies and idiosyncrasies. LOL

Alas! Glad to communicate with one of the special people in my life, too! One of the reasons why I am happy. :3

The person isn’t just special but I am happy I am the same way to the person, too. One of the people who’s helped me get through things and let me be.. who accepts me for me and who encourages me to be more which also in a way brought my confidence and self esteem back. So blessed and grateful for everything.

Getting there! Soon! Just so keen for the future! Woohoo! 🙂

Happiness’ too big for my lil worries! God’s will be done. :3

When God Writes Your Love Story

My child,

You have searched for true love in
your own way. But My ways are not
your ways. I want to script a beautiful
tale just for you, but first you must
trust Me with your pen in this
precious area of your life.
Will you let me write your love story?



I found this somewhere and I am not sure whom to give credits for it as it has been a long time I have these and kept this one.

Past Vs. Present

Good morning WordPress! I kinda reckon it is too early to say something but I need to spill this out.

Talk about Past and Present with Faith and Trust. This issue was raised today, or let’s not put it as an issue as it sounds biased. But yeah, we’ll put it as a discussion. 🙂

Given the fact, that it’s not that very long I gave things up, “Faith” and “Trust” is a big deal for me and the family.

I know it wasn’t just me who has to get through things but the whole family as well for they have to put up with me and my ways while going through it. 🙂

Nanay is one of it and just this morning have lil discussion while having coffee.

I don’t have to list what she said though but I will take it as a challenge. What I have been through wasn’t easy and don’t get me wrong, I don’t wanna sound like judging my ex partner for who he was and who he is; instead I will take that as something to look on how I don’t want my future relationship to be.

I am not down and won’t feel down with what Nanay told me. And I will personally not let the past take away what the future has in store for me.

Trusting someone after this ordeal isn’t easy as well but I don’t wanna hinder what has to come just because of that broken trust. What about Faith in God? What’s the use of praying and letting Him take charge of every lil thing?

I won’t let the past take away that future. I won’t let that past stop me from getting THERE!

Whatever will be, will be. Whatever is meant to be, will always find it’s way. I am moving on and letting it all go, I cannot live and cannot let myself be drowned in the past and keep thinking of what could’ve been and what ifs.

Selfish as it may sound, but yeah. I chose to let go coz I feel in my heart that it’s not right, not because I stopped loving the person but because the pieces of the puzzle doesn’t fit. No matter how much effort I have to put in and whatever I will have to do to make it better, as it was not meant to be, it won’t work and I will only hurt myself more and die more. It wasn’t easy letting things go but I also have to think of myself. Selfish isn’t it? Selfish in a way that I have to think of myself, if it’s doing any good to me? Is it healthy for me? or, is it making me grow as an individual or making me dead one day at a time?

Strength shows not merely in holding on, but LETTING GO.

And I am Letting GO! I am Moving ON! I am moving on! I don’t want those past to drag me back to that time where I have to cry myself to sleep and wet those pillow cases without him knowing. I don’t want to sit in the corner feeling sorry for myself and him telling me that he love me but his actions don’t coincide with his words.

I want to move on and HEAL! Seriously!

I don’t want to think he’s coming back, I cannot wait and won’t wait anymore and I don’t want to expect anymore. I am so DONE!

I want to let this go coz I know I deserve better! I deserve a love that’s REAL! That’s everlasting.. A love that doesn’t hurt! A love that appreciates and make one grow and feel special. A love that doesn’t just take but also give. A love that never judge, instead help one to develop and be better. A love that is blessed by God!

Whatever the future holds, I am not certain but this is what I am sure of. Things has purpose and reasons. My life is not an accident. God didn’t let me experience this for nothing.

And I have FAITH and TRUST things will be better SOON! 🙂