When I Feel Useless..


I found this photo on Tumblr yesterday and grabbed.

Somehow it made sense. Hahaha. If I can’t find a reason to go on and when I feel useless, I gotta think of this. Ü

At this very moment I feel so so. Just coz I am sick, too. My ears are burning in PAIN. :/

I am not loving the pain, mind you.. Just I can’t ignore it as its really painful and it’s in my head. Feeling pissed and I just wanna scream my heart out. :/

Daym! Feeling too old today and really on the verge of crying but I can’t. Hahaha.

Oh well. I don’t know until when this ordeal will stop. God help! 😥


To Whom It Is Due.

I could have played around when I wanted to, but I am not like that.
I am not ashamed of who and what I am. I am flawed and imperfect just like anyone else, and I am REAL. I did what I have to do and showed the best of me. Whatever the choices I made, I don’t have any regrets. Making me the baddie to everyone, if it makes you happy, go ahead! Just make sure it won’t get back right at you. I will prove you wrong, you’ll see. Watch me!



Listening to him while wide awake feeling pissed and down. :/

Gah! I just can’t fathom what’s happening with me today. Feeling not so good earlier this morning, I managed not to feel down for a wee bit. Apparently I gave in.. Feeling so so down. Not even in the mood to talk, feeling slack and every time I see a male friend on Facebook or on my messenger, I just want to get rid of them.

That awkward feeling of wanting to punch someone in the face but you can’t. I want to cry out loud but I can’t!

Oh well. I don’t know where all of these came from.. As to how or why I am feeling like this. My whole system is down, too. No appetite, upset tummy, and headache and feeling sleepy. Threw my dinner up tonight and put everything to waste. Bugger.

Could this be from the ordeal the last days? After all those emotional and psychological struggles I’ve been through.

I just pray ill get over this in time. I also wanted to cry my heart out but it feels like I’ve no more tears left to shed.

Dear God! I’m letting this all Go. 😦

If this pain is Yours, let it stay and make this my strength. But if it is not Yours, however, please heal me. 😦