Paulit – ulit
Mikee Cane

Bakit kaya ganun?
‘Di ba pwedeng isang beses lang?
Nakakaumay na kasi eh.
Paulit-ulit nalang.
Paulit-ulit kang nasasaktan.

Kailangan ba talaga yun?
Hindi ba pwedeng magmahal ka nalang at wala na ang sakit?
Sabi nila, hindi ka raw nagmamahal kung hindi ka nakakaramdam ng sakit.

Hindi ba pwedeng magmahal ka nalang?
Yung wala na ang sakit?
Kung pwede lang sana.
Sana wala na at hindi na paulit-ulit.



Mikee Cane

It was one cozy afternoon
You and I we were so over the moon.
Out of the blue you blurted, ” Who is she? She look so lovely!”
I just ignored and let that pass, deep inside I know.
My gut tells me to prepare myself, that one day you will go.

Those warm and damp kisses turned out dry and cold.
That spark in your eyes is always a sight to behold.
Oh, how I love the way you looked at me and suddenly it became empty.
Magic is gone, I think we are done.

What have become of us?
We are slowly fading; falling into a very deep hole.
The love that I used to call home, it felt different now, I feel so alone.
Those sweet loving words that gave me butterflies and make me high,
it came too bitter, too spiteful it made me cry.

What has become of this love?
My heaven on earth which used to be my paradise
is now lost in vast abysses of space and time.

I always thought this is just a test;
a challenge to surpass.
Something we all have to go through,
for that very love to last.
But no, this is it. This is the end.
My heart can no longer take the pain,
this goodbye, I can no longer bend.

Time for me to go, time to let it go.

Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend.

If I Could.

If I Could

Mikee Cane

If I could spit all my feelings.. but I can’t.

Maybe people will say, oh that’s just a simple rant.

It’s like I am strangled by my own feelings and it’s ironic.

I wanna scream and shout, oh, I am on it!

If I could spit it all out.

If I could, I am not sure if people will treat me the same as they treat me now.

I wish you knew. I so wish you all knew.. but how?

If I could..

I can’t even spit it all myself out.

A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s Love

Mikee Cane

I used to have a mother
but now it’s all done.
My heart aches for a mother’s love,
A love like no other.
The thread that holds her heart to mine is far away gone.
A love I never had for years,
and usually brought me to tears.
My heart aches for a mother’s love
A  love that forgives;
A love that understands,
A love that never ends.
A love that is unconditional,
A love that’s not judgmental.
How I long to have those happy times
Back when I was a child…
Tucked in the arms of my beloved mother,
the child whom you loved so dear.
I long for a mother’s love,
from my mother that’s now long gone.




Mikee Cane

I can’t make you happy, so I am letting go, I say.

Tired and fed up of living a lie that I am happy with you and that you’re happy too.

I feel strangled, yes I am strangled and tongue tied when I am with you.

I feel empty, I feel pity, I feel so not me.

I dearly love you, I have loved you, yes I do.

But it hurts, yes it hurts and I have reached the point.

So now I am moving on, yes I am moving on, I say.

I can make it, I say.

Now I am happy, I am free. I am me.

I am finally FREE.

Just when I thought I am useless for words, I ended up writing this.

A poem, whatever you call that.. 🙂

It’s You

It’s You

Mikee Cane

You know it’s you..

you are the force behind that makes me move and do things

you are the one who cheers me up when I am struggling with tears

you are the hope and the strength I have in me aside from God and Family

you are the one that got something that I cannot explain

you are the song in me that keeps on playing over and over and I cannot ignore

you are the simple things that I adore

you are the one who knows how to lift up my heart

you are the smile who brightens up my day

you are the one who makes me more than okay

you are my everything and nobody loves me like you do

and it’s you that i love five times more than i have loved before

and it’s you who have stolen my heart

and i am telling the whole world that you are mine

It’s You..

you know it’s You

This is a poem I made a year ago..

Just thought of sharing it here. 🙂

I am not fond of writing poetry, I am not sure if you consider this a poem, but I made this from the heart. Hehehehe 🙂

I Love You

I love you

Mikee Cane

I loved you yesterday, I still love you today and I will, too, tomorrow.

I loved you not only in times of joy but also in sorrow.

I loved you like I never loved anyone

I love you, I always will and will never love no one.

I love you to the moon, past the stars and then back to the earth.

I love you, I always do, for whatever it’s worth.

– I made this up, and yeah. I love you 🙂


This is a poem I made years ago, too which remained untitled, and I am not sure if it made sense at all coz there’s not much rhyme but screw that. haha. it came from the heart and i made it! 😛


i wish i could just blow it off his face..

and just tell him..

you go your way and i’ll go mine..

live your life and i’ll live mine..

you’ll be okay and i’ll be fine..

thought you’re destined to me..

i was so confused..

there have been so many changes..

and it’s killing me..

it’s time to let you go..

it’s time to say goodbye..

we’re better off separated..

.. and i’ll be okay. ü