Farewell, Thank You.

The only people who fear death are those with regrets. – Anonymous

Last October 5th, Nanay had a stroke and we are grateful and we celebrate she’s alive, even if she’s not yet feeling 100% but we are far from blessed to know that she has no paralysis and no brain damage for the most part. Illness, may it be the most deadly and simple, you’ll really never know when it gets you. Same thing with death, you just don’t know when death really comes knocking on your door.

This morning I just learned that a friend passed away from stroke that they have to do a neuro surgery and led to complications and eventually he gave in and let go. Kuya Joseph, thank you for sharing your life to many. Farewell Kuya.

Today’s the Day of the Dead / All Souls’ Day as we call it in the Philippines. May this day and all of the days be a reminder for us to celebrate and cherish life; with our loved ones and friends. No matter how much struggle and atrocities we are in, be thankful for we are all alive and we are surrounded by great things and great people. Remember to be kind to one another, for we never know what battles each of us are going through and more, we don’t know when death is really coming. But before death comes, don’t waste life worrying and complaining for what you don’t have, don’t get stuck and throw life away regretting for what you could’ve done; instead be grateful you are alive and you’re loved and be happy.

Rest in peace Kuya Jhom, you will be missed and you will always be remembered. Your kindness will always be remembered. Thank you for reminding me once again of how great this life is.

Ah! Life..


Thank God for Kiddos

Only a child sees things with perfect clarity, because it hasn’t developed all those filters which prevent us from seeing things that we don’t expect to see.

– Douglas Adams

Here are some photos of my niece and I yesterday which I was supposed to upload but got too tired or maybe not too tired, I took a break and had a nap and I was super energized in the evening that I ended up putting up the glow-in-the-dark toys I bought from last 2007 and set up a hanging rack in my room which is a cheapskate I got for us the other day.

This lil one is growing too fast, she’s a year and 8mons yet acts like three or four years old. Funny how she composes herself when you say “picture picture” and flashes her smile and do the same thing you do. She can do wacky poses, too! She’s a lil sponge that one! I am thankful for these kind of moments with her. The joy and the energies children gives us. I always love the energy, she makes me appreciate the little things and she taught me a lot of things and see things in different perspective; may it be when she’s in a good mood, having tantrums and even when she’s unwell. I thank God for kids and their parents, too. 🙂

I Will Always Be With You ^_^

 “If ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together… there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart… I’ll always be with you.”

– A. A. Milne



Drake Impersonates Manny Pacquiao

Canadian singer/ rapper Drake impersonated Manny Pacquiao on a comedy skit during 2014 ESPYs.

I personally find this funny and freaking hilarious. I don’t think this is offensive or racist as well. However Drake looked like an Afghan but spot on with Manny’s accent and the way he speaks. Hahaha

That was way too funny! Good on ya Drake!

To my fellow butthurt Filipinos, please stop the racist thing. Why can’t you just enjoy and laugh? Wouldn’t it be nice to think positively and feel happy instead of bashing and reacting how insulting this is? 🙂

It’s too sad to see that a lot of us reacts when foreigners impersonates or ridicule Filipinos but when we ridicule our fellow Filipinos and foreigners seems okay and acceptable. Oh well. I wish for once, or maybe just maybe.. few times we’d just set aside “racism” and demeaning others instead we just enjoy and appreciate it 🙂


Mikee’s Musings..

When you see my face, I hope it reminds you that life’s too precious; that you’re loved and someone appreciates your existence no matter what.
– MC

P.S. If you don’t wanna see my face, it’s okay. I won’t force you. You can just think of someone great looking and I hope they still remind you great things. Hahaha 🙂


*I am too amused tonight that I have a lot of thoughts going on inside my head. LOL

Maybe I am getting back to the goofy-slash-cheeky-side-of-me or in other words, my normality. 🙂

So for now, I will just let these thoughts go.. Eeeee!



Doodle Doodle

how to be an artist


So I woke up feeling lightheaded from sleeping so late last night and had coffee with family earlier today. Niece didn’t go to school and hang out with her earlier with a wee pencil and an old organizer. Had the urge to draw something I wanted to draw years ago which was from Nanay’s cup, some chicks with friends, like bumblebee, clouds and some snail.. and viola!

After which, I saw this post on Facebook from Globe Aware page and found it funny. I always wanted to draw but I didn’t pushed it through.. I know I can make drawings of some cartoon characters with a guide but other than that, it’s the stick drawing I am really good at. LOL

I wanna be an artist still or somehow, someday I wanna push this thing and make more art! Ha! 😛

chick and his friends

Got carried away and ended up with this two:

Winnie the Pooh Portrait

Winnie the Pooh and hunny