I am taking a break from my deep thoughts here, it’s been a while and it feels like I’ve been stuck and drowned with sadness and depression for so long. When all else fail, try putting on a makeup. Haha

I have never been a fan of putting on makeup on myself, I am never against makeup but more often than not, it gives a negative connotation on my end not because I hate it but because I have seen women who wore too much of it to the extent of deceiving a lot of people including themselves. Don’t get me wrong, it does enhance beauty and helped a lot of women, but others use it too much. And as the saying goes, too much of something is bad.. so there goes my speech. 😛

I admit, I wear them but only on occasions which is sooo rare. I go out and about wearing my bare face, sometimes with a baby powder, lipstick and eyeliners and that’s about it and when I have makeup on my face it’s usually my cousin who does it for me. I don’t know how to apply them. Yep, I don’t but recently realized I am not getting any younger and my cousin won’t be around every time I need her to put makeup on me.. I mean what if I go somewhere and she’s not there? I have to do it myself so I invested on a few and practiced. I have been practicing putting liquid eyeliners on me and every time I do, I fail. Until last night! Hahaha! It was one of the best feelings in the whole world, I feel so accomplished. Applying on the eyeliners and doing the cat eye makeup so perfectly is awesome! Woohoo! Bahaha! I sound so narrow but heck. I was giddy and really laughed at myself for doing so, I felt like a grown woman(I am but it felt like more) 😛

I hope y’all have a great week ahead! Stay happy, be happy and be grateful you’re alive! God bless peepulz!

PS: I never realized Maybelline products are that awesome! It’s kinda expensive but worth it especially the waterproof ones. Ever Bilena makeups are awesome, too. Way to go for me! haha


Smile, Just Because.

It’s been quiet a while since I posted something from my own thoughts lately. Given the fact that I am not often online on my laptop like I used to since it got broken and I am not sure when I will have it fixed. Hahaha

I still have my daily updates of quotes scheduled whenever I have the time to use my cousin’s PC. That’s still something to be thankful for 🙂

Any who, it’s been crazy lately. Feeling flapdoodle and higgledy piggledy for days. I am not sure on what to feel… Well maybe not what to feel rather how to deal with the feels and the things around me. It’s like days of unending challenges and kinda but-wait-there’s-more-challenges-and-struggles-to-come-kinda-days I am dealing with. This week we celebrated Nanay’s birthday and ’twas oh-so-merry-kinda-day but hey, don’t get me wrong, I am grateful seeing nanay so happy and every one around us happy for her as well.

It’s just that you can’t skip those not so good days and here I am feeling overwhelmed. Too overwhelmed that it’s taken it’s toll on me and I am here lying on me bed sick.

Pfft! Despite and in spite of, this post isn’t about mumbling and grumbling on how bad my life is. This is just recognising the challenges and appreciating the blessings.

Thank you God for letting me experience all of these. I wouldn’t be able to understand life more and people more.
God revealed something to me this week, too the day before Nanay’s birthday. I know it was the least expected.. Wait, no. It wasnt expected actually but I never felt any objections nor harsh reactions rather questions. Those usual questions like: “why me?” and “what did I do to deserve all these?” kind of questions.

Ah! Bother.

Whatever will be, will be. I know God didn’t picked me for nothing. In His perfect timing. However I will not stress over it for now. I have learned not to worry too much on the future instead focus on today. The present. With a smile. Just because.

I have missed out a whole lot in the past so it’s time to loosen up and enjoy what the day brings.

I am on my fifth week on the “healthier me” journey and there have been improvements already. It’s not much but hey, at least there’s still something.

Hooray for today and the days to come! Yay!

And as for the matters the heart, I am still taking one day at a time and I am not settling any time soon with anyone just yet. Downside though, is that most guy friends I get to talk or communicate misinterprets me.

Please, pretty please.. Don’t mistake my sweetness and kindness to flirting. I am single and unattached but that doesn’t mean I am open for flirting. That’s not what I am here for. It’s not bad conversing and getting to know someone and who knows t might lead somewhere but please. Hahahaha

It just feels awkward. Getting this kind of response from a particular person and it gotten too much so I ended up not sending a reply back. Hahaha

Ah! Life. Hahahaha

I am really enjoying this journey of being single and not rushing. Although at times I question when will the person meant for me finally arrives? Bother. Haha

Thank God it’s Friday! Thank God I am alive! Thank God for the miracles and blessings. I am smiling, just because. 🙂


The Girl With A Thousand Faces :3

It’s been weeks, so yeah. LOL

I am in the mood for some “selfies” the other day, so pardon me for posting this.. well sorry I am not sorry actually. Ha!

Call me vain, insane and narcissistic, I don’t care. This is my blog anyway. 😛

Hope everyone’s having a lovely week! Happy humpday peepulz 😀

Smile, and the Whole World Smiles With You.

Feeling drained from everything that’s happened, city wide and here at home..

Thought of taking photos this arvo with cousin with our gumboots on. Feeling like we’re from different place.. or we’re just feeling different. lol

There you go, our outfit for today and sharing some smile to you!

Good night WordPress! God bless everyone 🙂





While waiting for the internet connection to come back, I looked at the photos in my mobile and found this..

I’m missing my long hair. Hehehe

That was taken a year ago, on my 26th birthday.

I’m growing my hair back and will have these again SOON! hehehe