“I don’t regret the painful times; I bear my scars as if they were medals.” – Paulo Coelho

Welcome to my world! Ü

I am Mikee, from Philippines. Tiger and April Fools baby.

Freelancer. Blogger. Sweet tooth. Ms. Giggly.


Living a spectacular life with my adopted family.

Optimist. Pessimist. And something in between.

I am not good in English but I have got enough for people to understand, so pardon me if I have occasional mistakes you will notice.

This is my personal blog; this represents me, myself and I however don’t take my statements as finite or definitive. There’s always an explanation.

This isn’t just a scrapbook/ blog but my venue of my passion, my hopes, longings, pains and lessons that made me who I am today.

The venue where I pour out a fraction of the 70,00 thoughts of my brain every day.

The venue where all my rants, quips and detriments; life’s beauty and  what God taught me through experiences; music, anything and every thing under the lovely sun.

Just feel free to reach out if you have questions, feel free to leave your comments and concerns. I don’t bite. 😛

I’m not looking here to amass friends, to boost my profile, to massage my ego, to extend entries in some little black book.

Hope you find it cozy!

It’s the flaws that make one person more fun!
– Mikee Cane

68 thoughts on “About”

      1. wahaha nahiya ako bigla. >///<. Lagi naman po akong may pinagdadaanan eeh. Lalo na yung mga bagay na di ko masabi-sabi sa iba. Kahit sino naman po dumadaan din sa ganito wahaha


      1. So, you were tired of me talking to cheer you up?:P sniff sniff…I understand.

        Or, too many prayers and thoughts adding emotional weight to the matter?

        Maybe one prayer is enough for a week:)


      2. I can still see your comments hey so don’t worry. Always nice to read your messages actually.

        I like seeing the nice and meaningful comments rather than the silly ones from you, I know you have some nice ones, and Thank you.

        Prayers everyday is cool for me. 😀


      3. Hey. 😦 What do you call silly? And, what’s wrong with being silly? I think you confuse depressed or depressing with silly…or flattery with silly. You usually say silly when I compliment you.


      4. Silly in a nice way. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to offend or hurt your feelings. It was actually funny the first time reading your comment with regards to that lipstick I posted weeks ago. Lol


      5. I don’t know if you wear lipstick in any of your regularly posted pictures, but I am sure you don’t need any with such nice lips. If I haven’t said that already:P


      6. I can see you in a nice black dress–like your little corner picture when you comment–with a red lipstick and some long, black/white gloves…some stylish heels with ankle straps…a red or white flower in your hair…let’s go dancing:D


      7. And, I will laugh and say, “Neither do I; but we can sure fake it.” 🙂 If we both make fools of ourselves, at least we did it together and can laugh/cry about it later.


      8. Just don’t overdo it with heavy jewelry. We will dress up (which is a challenge for me because I am more of a sweats/jeans and t-shirt guy:P) and find a nice ballroom dance floor or just dance by a beach resort somewhere…and pay no attention to what others think/say unless they compliment us:P heh Or, we just imagine dressing up and go as beach bums. We could dance any season any place except freezing cold or blazing summer heat.


  1. I don’t know what to think of chain letter awards, but I like your newest windswept-longhair picture up there. 🙂 I’ve been having some PC issues…so, if I am not around…

    Thinking of you ❤


    1. Hello my friend, that award was kinda sent to me.. so I thought you’re one of the few that I will give that one. Hope things are well with you and thanks for dropping by today 🙂


      1. I guess the thought would be nicer if it wasn’t like LIKEing and FRIENDing on some of these sites. Like I said, people send other people these awards after someone sends them to them. It’s a chain mail system. You get it and are told to give it to ten other people. Otherwise, you might have sent a different award than the one you just got from some other guy I don’t know.

        I wish things were better for me presently. I see you avoided a bad storm.


      2. Well it was fun for me having that chain mail system in a way. 😛

        How are things there? What have you been up to?

        Just avoided a storm, yes. Good thing it was not as strong as it was expected.. well it was still strong but not on my town. 🙂


      3. Tell me about being batty, as there were heaps of them who were batty yesterday. Classes were suspended 7th and 8th of November and some offices were closed. They really prepared for this as this was one of the top 12 strongest storm to ever hit the planet. 🙂


      4. One of the top 12 on the planet? I don’t think I heard about it in the news. Hmm. I cannot believe that. There must have been far worse in past centuries. Think of the ice ages.


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