Photo Walk

I went to town today, seeking for help.. we are once again challenged. I didn’t know where to go after being refused from a friend of mine whom I asked for help so I decided to walk and while I was trying to figure out where to go, I decided to walk from where I was and crossed the river with this one helluva old bridge of our city, and took a few photos in awe of God’s greatness despite the challenges. Thank you God!


Sunsets: September 24, 2014

Peace is seeing a sunset and knowing who to thank.

So I was outside yesterday with cousin and stopped by to capture yet another beautiful sunset once again. Just a reminder that another day has passed and new days are coming.

Thank You God for this lovely sunset!

Have been sick the past few days with influenza drizzled with cough and snotty snots on top. Haha.

All four of us had the flu and getting better one day at a time.. just a lil frustrating.. well not really lil but A WHOLE LOT. I hate being sick as well coz I get too emotional – and that means depression, frustration, desperation and hopelessness come to you all at once and getting soaked in tears for a lot of reasons. WOW.

Oh well. Bother!

I am getting pass that phase right now and hopefully will get over it completely. I have took things easy and I missed out a week with exercising already. Gah! I will soon get back. I miss sweating and working it out. πŸ™‚

Anywho, I must say adieu for now. I hope y’all have a great week!

Thank God for this life! β™₯

Wednesday Sunset


There’s never one sunrise the same, or one sunset the same.

– Carlos Santana

While taking a break from nut cracking this arvo, I fell in love with the sunset yet again and took some snaps of it.

I hope y’all are having a lovely week. Enjoy and be a blessing to others. πŸ™‚


Memorabilias (Part 1)

β€œYou don’t take a photograph, you make it.”
― Ansel Adams

I while browsing my older posts of the photographs I captured while I was down under and they were quiet wishy-washy. So I decided to reorganize them and ended up picking my favourites from all those photos I had. I got 50 of it and I am cutting it in halves so I am sharing the first 25 of my personal faves from my personal captures.

These photos were from my visit to the lovely country Australia. From the Top End, to Adelaide. Random photographs of the places I’ve been in, things I’ve laid eyes on.

Hope everyone’s having a great Thursday!

Good vibes! β™₯

Memories on a Monday

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I sorted out my blog today and thought of merging some posts I did from the last year.

These photos are from my captures while I was down under, particularly on Top End or Northern Territory. πŸ™‚

These are from my aerial tour, and from time when I hang out with friends. πŸ™‚

Couchsurfing :)

I joined last November 2013 out of curiosity and read it but wasn’t thinking of delving in and experience it myself. I was only curious though and it’s not out of desperation to do something at the time while I was in the process of letting go and moving on phase. haha

On the contrary, I was never really updated or joined any group there yet but from time to time, I check my account and the events that are made by my fellow couchsurfers nearby. I have received requests from few people but wasn’t sure I things goes so I decided to turn them down until someone from France and decided to accept, and took some risk. And viola!

Things were quiet vague actually and haven’t talked to her much and only sent some details to her and let me know if ever she’s already in Butuan. That was a bit weird yet it worked. She arrived the day before the expected date but managed to set things up.

Having experienced communicating with foreigners before doesn’t seem too hard to approach talk to her.. I have always been fascinated in meeting people from all walks of life, regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, ethnicity and all the lil details that compose a person. I like meeting people literally, especially those friends I haven’t met yet. πŸ˜€

I remember my brother from another mother told me once, he was amazed as to how I remember a lot of things especially about history among other things and told me to keep it up and so I did, and through Melanie, my fellow couchsurfer, I have imparted to her few significant things about our city and about our family when she arrived and before going to bed, and it felt nice. I have never realized I have enough knowledge about my second hometown, Butuan.

The next days we took her to museums, first stop was the annex or the site where few of the “Balangays” were excavated and remains of royal families back in the day dated 400A.D. to pre Spanish era. It was refreshing for me and for everyone most especially to my cousin which also was her first like our new friend Melanie to come to to the place. πŸ™‚

Second stop was at the main National Museum, but a lil disappointed. They were renovating the whole building and what we saw were too few from what they used to cater and show everyone years ago. Didn’t stayed that long though and then the last stop was to the scenic route, which was awesome. We rarely go out as much and it was a great experience for us, especially with cousin and I for we took a different route and passed by beautiful sceneries along the way. We stopped by the President Diosdado Macapagal Bridge which was obviously named after a Filipino president and took photos.

Instead of one night, she ended up staying a week with us which was longer than expected. πŸ™‚

Somehow I felt proud not for myself but for the people God sent me and molded me to become who I am today. Along this journey with Melanie and the family, I have learned a lot of things not just through her but also, from people we encounter every single day, from the things we experienced, the food we eat and the times we just sat down and enjoy each others company.

On this phase, I am thankful God allowed me to be with Nanay and welcomed our new guest and treated her like a family and ended up learning a lot. Something took place out of nowhere, so unexpected and just made me appreciate life more, and praise God all the more for His glory and greatness. He is indeed one hella great great Gode!

We now have a new sister from another mother, just a little whiter! Hahaha

Or in French it says: Ma sΕ“ur d’une autre mΓ¨re, mais un peu plus blanc ^_^

All in all it’s an eye-opening experience and a memorable one.

I hope everyone is having a great week! Cheerio!


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Just Another Selfie

Wasn’t really motivated the whole week and was up late last night.. had the notion to play with the iPod’s(touch 4th gen) camera and I found a weird way and outcome for pictures so I ended up taking selfies and the photos came up like this and didn’t do much editing on this though.


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So there! :3


Tropical Queensland [Kuranda]

I cleaned up my files and folders and deleted some stuff when I thought of sharing some photos I personally took when I was down under. I had the privilege to be there, although a part of me regret the times when I wasn’t able to put 100% on my passion, I mean photography. Anyhow, here are some glimpse of Tropical Queensland, particularly in Kuranda, where I took the scenic train tour and went back using the Skyrail πŸ™‚

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