Everything Is So Beautiful..


This quote signifies a lot of things in my life, in the past, today and the future… not only for me but for every one.

If we see the brighter side of things, if we will only see things regardless of the flaws, shortcomings, even the mistakes of people. If we can only see the goodness of things despite the bad… this world is a brighter and better place. 🙂

Or maybe if there’s a lot more of us who’ll see the brighter side of life, then maybe, just maybe this world is far brighter and better place to live and be in 😀


Cleaning My Slate.

It’s been days I’ve been pondering on a lot of things, from small to big things. Not just my life but the things going on around me.. it’s been lovely days so far, and I am grateful and blessed for the things that I had, I am having and will have in the coming days.

With each day that passes means a day closer to where things are suppose to be. Looking forward to tomorrow, and a whole lot of tomorrows. I am not sure what it is Lord, but I know there’s something. I am not sure when but I will still keep the faith and hang on in here.

However, just a while ago while I was sorting out some files and photos that I’d like to share, someone sent me a message. He’s someone I know over a year ago and it’s almost a year I have been on and off talking to him. Something hit me tonight. While talking to him, there were flashes of thoughts and the same situations and experiences I was in years ago… where despite the people’s shortcomings and flaws, I still see the good in them.. that even though they have been telling me lies and I have been mislead by them I still continue to believe that there’s still time and chance for them to change and there’s always good in them.. somewhere.

That even if they have hurt me too many times, I still try to understand them and even if there are hard times to “understand” them, I am still here, waiting for them to do the same and treat me the same but always ends up being left behind and being in pain.

I am too vulnerable and too naive… this “wearing my heart on my sleeve” trait of mine always ends me up being mislead on and or, being hurt and worse, left behind.

And tonight, I feel so hurt somewhere.. somewhere in one corner of my heart deep down there got tired and exhausted believing that there’s good coming… and also a part of it is also tired of being treated so bad by others.. when I only show them who I am and what I am…

It’s always nice to hear sweet things from people, from strangers and even from people you know and you have been with. It’s easy to say things and even believe in things but too hard to prove and act upon it. Others they’d say things but they don’t really mean it.. or they’d not even do it. Only for the sake of letting people believe and hold on to something that’s not even there.

Oh well.. I don’t know if I make sense.. maybe I am just pouring out what’s in my mind and in my heart for the most part.

I’ve never felt this for a long time now.. and tonight it just popped out somewhere. I am too tired believing to people somehow. Well not everyone but I just realized I need to slow down a bit.. I am too tired dealing with negative people around me. It’s time to purge out people and not just people but change my ways, too.

I am cleaning my slate again. I am deleting some people in my life again this time and will start anew. I will try to surround myself with people that has good vibrations and positive energies… I will have to stop wasting my time believing and trusting people too easily. Minimize giving people my time and give myself some..

I am not settling down to just spending time with people that’s not even worth it. I’d rather spend it with family… with God. I know it’s easier said than done but I gotta do it. This is life, and I need to deal with it.

I am not allowing myself to be treated the same way I was treated before. I deserve to be happy. For now, I need to start with myself. One day, one step at a time. I need to focus and set goals as well.

I have deleted some people on social medias and applications that I often use.. those so called “friends” that I never even get to talk, were already gone.. now what I need to do is to let the good vibes in. Changing some of my ways one step at a time, too.

Ah! I am not sure what I am writing here as my mind feels like in a gutter at the moment. There are bucket loads still I want to express and vent out yet I do not know how to say it. I just hope one day.. one day maybe, things will be different.

It’s too hard guarding my heart coz I’ve always love being with people and I love to give… even to those not so worthy… but I can’t blame myself. lol

Jesus did that, too even if people ended up flogging him and putting him to death. Pfft!

Maybe, just maybe I need to slow down and get some sleep, too. LOL

Maybe my heart is too big.. or too small for others, I don’t know. I need to ask someone to open and check it for me. hahaha

I wanted to cry.. cry so hard and feel sorry for myself and ask myself why!?

But I can’t cry.. I am not sorry for myself too. I tried and be myself for the most part. Screw you. hahaha. Screw you who can’t accept me for who I am. Screw you for not being able to treat me the same.. I know someone, some people will. Screw you for letting yourselves treat others so bad and for sucking the energies and taking advantage of people. Screw you for screwing yourselves. hahaha. Well not screw you actually, I hope one day you’ll find happiness and peace.. and I hope you won’t get hurt as much as the hurt you caused the people you did bad things with.

Boo friggin’ hoo. This girl needs to get to bed. I am babbling already. hahaha

Gah! Have a lovely day y’all!

Bonne nuit!

What Color is Your Aura?

So before going to bed, I decided to post something today/tonight as it’s been a while.. I’ve been in hiatus for weeks when it comes to posting thoughts and personal experiences. This has been a blast lately and until this gets done, I will be able to sit down and share what’s happened to me. I am so blessed and always has been that even to the toughest of times, God made sure He still let His love and mercy and kindness be felt. 😀

So today, I found a game on Playbuzz and thought of giving this a go. 😀

Answered and picked some choices and ended up getting pink.. I don’t know how they come up with the answers but somehow ended up relating to it. hahaha. Anyhoo, this is all for now.. mine is pink, what’s yours?

What Color is Your Aura?


Love, sincerity, affection and generosity are perfect words to describe you. Your pink aura indicates that you’ve achieved a perfect balance between your spiritual and material existence. You love to be surrounded by friends and family. You love to love and to be loved, while you hate conflicts and arguments.
You take care of your body and spread a positive and healing energy to those around you. The pink aura is very rare, so is the person who has it.


Arms – Christina Perri

Went to the bus terminal this morning with Nanay and cuzzie and our new friend Melanie and heard this song.

It’s been years.. brought about good memories and people who came and gave something but end up shutting down.. haha. that was one but most of it were nice memories. 🙂

It brought about feelings, lovely feelings that made me grateful all the more.

Until next time.. Still not feeling like going to say a lot. haha. I am saving this up for the next days. 😀

Drake Impersonates Manny Pacquiao

Canadian singer/ rapper Drake impersonated Manny Pacquiao on a comedy skit during 2014 ESPYs.

I personally find this funny and freaking hilarious. I don’t think this is offensive or racist as well. However Drake looked like an Afghan but spot on with Manny’s accent and the way he speaks. Hahaha

That was way too funny! Good on ya Drake!

To my fellow butthurt Filipinos, please stop the racist thing. Why can’t you just enjoy and laugh? Wouldn’t it be nice to think positively and feel happy instead of bashing and reacting how insulting this is? 🙂

It’s too sad to see that a lot of us reacts when foreigners impersonates or ridicule Filipinos but when we ridicule our fellow Filipinos and foreigners seems okay and acceptable. Oh well. I wish for once, or maybe just maybe.. few times we’d just set aside “racism” and demeaning others instead we just enjoy and appreciate it 🙂


Brown Skin Lady – Mos Def & Talib Kweli

To all brown skinned women and generally to all women: Don’t change yourself because society dictates to you that you have to look like something that came out of Hollywood or follow and fit in the societal ideals slash stereotypes. Be yourself. Be your good self. 🙂

– mikee