Poetry: But Why?

But Why?
Mikee Cane

You jeopardize the good for something new
That’s what they told me
When I left you many moons ago
Little did they know, it wasn’t me, it someone else and I had to go.

But why?
Why exchange me for somebody?
Guess it really wasn’t meant to be
What does she have that I don’t?
Does she love you like the way I do?
Does she love you more than I gave you?

I hope she keeps you happy
Give you butterflies and make you high
I hope she keeps you warm at night
And never let these moments pass you by.

I wish you all the best
A fruitful life, full of happiness
A life with loyalty and faithfulness
A life with somebody whom you will never cheat.

This was a poem I made a few months back and posted it this time as I couldn’t have the time to post as much the past days.

This has nothing to do with the present feelings for those of you wondering 🙂


Poetry: Cry

Mikee Cane

Suddenly I feel pain crawling inside my heart and I just wanted to cry..
Cry until I’ve got nothing to cry for.
Cry until I get tired of crying.
Cry until there’s no more tears to shed.

That pain.. an agonizing pain I can’t fathom where it came from.
It enveloped all over my heart and makes me want to cry.
Oh God! Why is this happening?
What was I feeling?

All along, I was thinking he’d fight for me,
for this love, for eternity.
Boy, was I wrong.

If only..
If only he’ll just tell me.
If only he knows how much I longed for him, missed him.
If only he’d stop pretending he’s okay with things..
If only he’d know how much I’ve been wishing he’d just humble down for once and let this love fix every thing.

I have laid all my cards and gave him hints, but he.. he kept on pushing.
Pushing me farther away.
And if only he’s here and not so far away, I’d let him know..
I’ll grab him and hug him and kiss his pains and it will go.
I never thought this love will end..

Somehow, somewhere, I hope this isn’t the end.
I hope this is just the beginning.
And more, I pray this pain will subside albeit I am not sure for how long.
I still believe in things and still hanging on a hope,
but whatever God’s plan is, I’ll keep holding on to that rope.

I believe and still believe in LOVE and the power of it.

And whatever is meant to be, will always finds it’s way.


Cheers to the Third Life!

Don’t waste your life away. Be thankful you have a life. Live it, love it, be it.

-Mikee Cane

I’ve had a few near-death experiences and I’ve had one recently. This one, though, was the worst but the most blessed. The struggle is real.

I felt my body was too tired and so wanting to give up and fall but my spirit kept on fighting. My spirit kept on fighting- fighting to live and I was crying. Crying to my heart’s content. Like I didn’t know where it came from but I cried so much and felt my right arm’s getting numb and my upper lips numb and cold, too.

I was panting and it was so hard to breathe. I was crying and I kept on saying I still wanna live. I wanna live. I don’t wanna die.

And I feel so weak and ready to black out.

God is so good, as always. He never left me. Nanay was there, she helped me got through it. She revived me like she did to others. And as always, she’s the one who helped me and the rest of the family.

I was never sent to the hospital as we didn’t have the time but thankfully things have been better after.

It is true, that no one will help you and be there for you except family. Apparently not the bio family for me but the family who was there when I was in a dark pit many years ago. I didn’t just realized my purpose but to give a lil more love, and respect not to others but for myself, too. I need to be strong not just spiritually, emotionally but physically as well. I have a lot of things to do and accomplish yet, and to be able to do it, I gotta have a healthy physical and emotional self. Thank you God for this extra life You bestowed me. I will cherish and savour every bits of it and serve You and Your servants all the more. 🙂

This is not something to be proud of but a reminder for me and to every one of us that life is to precious to waste.

We only got one life, and not every one gets a chance for extension or a chance to get another life. From this day, I have to look after myself more. I wanna help and inspire others, to be able to inspire, I gotta take care of myself, too. So yep. One day at a time.

I will write more, will express myself more, will help and will give more.

Cheers to the third life! To God be the glory!