Happy New Year From Us To You!

Happy New Year From Us To You!

More blessings to you and your family! Ü


There Is No Day But Today.

This movie RENT is indeed a tear jerker! Cried my heart out and made me to be thankful all the more for this life and for what I had, what I am having, what I can have and what I do not have. I am indeed blessed and I won’t be disheartened for whatever challenges and trials I am going through. Negative people won’t drag me down, God’s love is overflowing!

Do not worry, do not let the past or the future get in the way. Don’t wait for tomorrow to tell someone you love them, to show them what you feel. Don’t let it slip. Forget regret or life is yours to miss. There’s no day but today.

Good night everyone. Be blessed and be a blessing today!


Forget regret or life is yours to miss.
Today to you, tomorrow for me.

– Excerpts from the movie, Rent

What relevance this movie has to me at the moment?

A lot. When one of my good friend Adrian posted the lines of the song, Seasons of Love on Facebook, I remembered the movie. I have never seen it before until then. Searched for it somewhere I used to get movies and download them but it’s not there.. so my last resort was YouTube and I found one.

I used to sing the song Seasons of Love on weddings, which reminds me of the good old days as well. I love singing, yesterday, today and always has been. Just these days I kinda stop doing what I used to do for good but the passion is still there.

Anyway, I would like to share it to you, just in case you want to watch.. It gave me a lot of realisations and more, is to be grateful and be more blessed on what I had, what I am having and what I will have in the future.

Despite what I am going through at the moment, I am blessed coz I am still alive. I wake up everyday with the miracle of being able to breath and experience life, once again. That I have more than what I needed and I have these loving people around me. Even this very minute that I am typing this, and the people who might stumble upon this.

Still watching the movie at the moment and it made me teary eyed. There’s so much relevance and it’s way close to reality. Not just for me, but for every human alive. 😀

Astounding movie that!

No day but today. 🙂

G’day y’all! Don’t forget to be grateful! 😀

Love Need Not Walls or Doors.

Cat: Crazy stuff happens and all I wanna do is share it with you. Figure it out with you. My normal, it’s when I am with you. I love you. I don’t need walls or doors.

Vincent: I am so in love with you.

– Beauty and the Beast, Season1 Episode14

Haters Gon’ Hate :)


Why is it that there are people who really don’t care about what others feel? Like they say they are not judging but in fact, they are.

How can someone throw things at others without looking in their own self and ask themselves whether it is worth to throw those stuff without thinking it will come right back at them?

How dare one can point his finger to someone without checking if his hands are clean?

How can one and enumerate all the flaws and imperfection one has and question if his/her heart is real when in fact, he/she is also human and imperfect?

How can one give love when you it’s love one can’t feel?

To what extent one can say that someone’s heart is fake without knowing his or her backgrounds, the people around them, the circumstances, the situation one is in, the reason why he or she had to end things and decide to disconnect to people or did what he or she has done in the past?

How can one judge someone by their past when they don’t live there anymore?

When can you say you’re telling the truth when you don’t even know a single thing about the person you are judging?

And how can one be so sure that he or she is living a decent life when all that reflects to himself/herself are those negative stuff he or she is throwing to others?

These are some of the random questions that have been bugging me.

Well not in a bad way or negative way… Just recently, someone from the same country that I am sent me a message on my Facebook account pointing out my flaws and that my pictures are edited. Someone who has nothing to do with her life but minding people’s business. Not just that, she bullied me as well and pointed out my flaws and even judged me that I am not real.. and that I have no heart. I have been to this kind of situation before, I never asked for trouble yet there are certain times trouble finds me. It has been 5 months to be exact after I took myself out of trouble and from dramas and most, from a bad relationship.

There were not so great times, although there were also good, but for the most parts, it has been a great challenge for me.

I have decided to let go not for one reason but for a whole lot and I cannot enumerate them here.. but what just irritates me is that I was never public about it until that time when the ex started telling friends in person and in social media.

Our lives have revolved around social media as it was our leeway to reach friends and for us personally as we’re also geographically challenged. I decided to join Facebook and certain social media sites not to create drama and be famous for that but to create friendship, to communicate with friends and to express my very own self.

I never intended and expected it will come to the point where I will get something from someone whom I barely know. I seriously don’t get their point. What a shame actually! I find these people mentally ill.. I am living my own life and minding my own beeswax for months with family and friends, and then here they are, creating trouble well in fact they all have what they wanted and needed. What a pity actually.

It is such a sick move I’d say to be sending me lame messages and throw things at me especially the things that I didn’t do. Ignorance and arrogance joined together as a prerogative of the coward and the miserable so to speak. I know I am no better than anyone else, but I won’t stoop down to that level where I have to fight you back.

I certainly am not gonna be that person to dumb down for the comfort levels of others.

I won’t let your ugly ways ruin my day or make me feel that I am less of a person. I have fallen a lot of times but I will bounce back, even harder. If you think you know me, no you don’t. You only know one side of the story.. you say you know the truth? and then what? You only knew what people have been telling you.. you don’t know what I do. You don’t know how or what I feel day to day basis. You don’t even know what I eat or how I sleep. Shame on you, big time!

If you’re questioning me about fake heart, I could have played with people if I wanted to, for sure. But I certainly am not like that. For the sake of money? Just for my own benefit? NO WAY. I have been brought up not to use people but to help people instead. Nanay brought me up with dignity and modesty, with respect not just for others but for ourselves. Both of my feet are still on the ground and I know and I am still aware of where I stand. I never used anyone for money. I could have been a millionaire or a business woman by now, for sure. LOL.

Oh well, some people think they know me completely but they only see the side they want to see. There’s more than meets the eye.. you really do not know me. My God is too big that He’s got big love for me. I don’t need to explain the whole thing to you. I don’t need to feel insecure, I have more than enough and I am blessed. I may have challenges these times but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.. that you are great and I am less or I am the other way around.

Haters gon’ hate! Hahaha.

Pride is very internal and creeps up slowly and quietly inside. I just hope you will find what you’re searching for and live a life with peace and forgiveness.
I am no better than the lowliest person, just saved by GRACE.
If judging me makes you a better person and makes your life more meaningful then I will leave you be and flatter yourself. I am glad I could be of service to you. I just hope, too that you won’t regret what you just did. Remember, what goes around comes around.
Karma’s a bad bitch. 🙂

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!

I hope y’all have a great celebration today with family and friends. I have been online for quiet a while today and sent greetings to family and friends but didn’t have the notion to post on here earlier, so now I am sending my warm greetings from Philippines to all of you!

Thanks to everyone, too for the greetings! So lovely to hear from you.

God bless you and your family, and hope you’re enjoying your time with family and friends, near or far.

Keep safe and always be a blessing to others as well!

Happy holidays and have a great day every one!

Seeyuz! 🙂