Missing You.

That time of the day when my mood swings from high to feeling low.

I just don’t know. I am feeling the gloominess of the weather today.

Reality just bit me big time. Wishing I could turn back the time when I love no one.. I could have stayed single and waited longer. Wishing I haven’t experienced all of what happened recently; the pains, the wasted time and wasted feelings. Just not feeling worthy of anything today really.

Feeling stupid and foolish! Feeling unlovable and feeling like a garbage recycled too many times.

Feeling unworthy and not deserving of any thing.. Feeling fed up and so really done.

I am currently missing someone this time. I kinda miss him more and more and things are just happening so fast. Time flies so fast when I am with him, well even if I just talk to him on through video calls. It feels so great but it hurts some times. What the heck! Can someone just shoot me now!? 😦



Hello WordPress! A quick share this time.

Watched the movie Stuck in Love by Greg Kinnear and Kristen Bell and all the other actors last night. A lovely movie it is and Philip Phillips’ song is one of the sound track.

I never liked this song first time, and now I came to like it.. and it is meaningful so to speak.

I also liked the movie and the storyline.. shed a tear for it. LOL

Anyway, that will be it! Lovely arvo y’all!

Be Still

When your mind is caught in a storm, be as still as a lake. Cool the currents of your emotions with compassion and faith. The storm will pass – and your mind will settle.

Hello WordPress!

I am back! It’s been a while hey! A lot has happened lately and I have so many things that I want to vent out today, too that is why I am here.

Some people never really grow up hey. Some are bored and some are just hungry and greedy for people’s attention. Gah!

I am so done! Seriously don’t have the time and energy to delve into their games. No matter how much you keep silent and stay in the corner, living your own happy life, some just don’t get it.. they love to involve others in their drama and break them and tell people how great they really are for breaking them and tearing them apart.

Some people just don’t wanna see people happy hey especially those miserable ones. I am really tired of putting up with the IGNORANT and DESPERATE ones, as much as I’d like to throw back to them what they have thrown at me, I just can’t find the energy anymore. Besides, I don’t wanna put myself to their level even if one called me a bottom feeder and names and bad mouthed me. LOL

Oh God! I really offer these kind of people to You. Give them what they deserve and have mercy on them.

I thought I was over the storm and the earthquake but never thought there’ll be an aftershock. LOL

I could have tell people not so nice things about “someone” I used to know, but I chose not to. Why the heck will I when it has nothing to do with them and it’s nothing to do with me too? That’s all GARBAGE!

So yeah, whatever you really throw at me this time, I don’t care. I will keep still and won’t let every thing in. I have moved on and healed, I have my family and friends with me and those people who in one way or the other cares and supports and understands me that much. I am happy where I am and I am loved, so SUCK IT UP and DEAL WITH IT!

I will let go and let God. Besides, the things and words you throw at me doesn’t define me, it defines you. 🙂

On the other hand, I am super happy and never been this happy ever recently, and I thank God for giving me this miracle.

Everything was unexpected, unpredictable.. everything’s a BLESSING! It’s just BEAUTIFUL.

Whatever Your will Lord, it will be done. You know our heart’s desire and prayers.. I am not gonna question You, coz when it’s real, I don’t have to question it.

Anyway, I am now actually useless for words.. and will end this one with a quote from Trent Shelton..

The heart that is meant to love you is a Faith Provider, isn’t selfish.

..is consistent, the love they give you is unconditional.

..don’t give up on you, is dependable; you can count on them when there’s nobody else to count on. 🙂

When God Writes Your Love Story

My child,

You have searched for true love in
your own way. But My ways are not
your ways. I want to script a beautiful
tale just for you, but first you must
trust Me with your pen in this
precious area of your life.
Will you let me write your love story?



I found this somewhere and I am not sure whom to give credits for it as it has been a long time I have these and kept this one.


And I’m in love
And I’m terrified
For the first time and the last time
In my only life..

Good morning WordPress!

Here’s a video from Katharine McPhee and Zachary Levi..

Still useless for words and I ain’t ready to spill it out yet. Will just leave things be for now and will probably share when I am ready.

I am actually excited and keen! Keen to share it all to you! What happened was just way beyond BEAUTIFUL! God’s so GREAT!

What happened and still happening is just BEAUTIFUL. Ü

Loving all these to bits! Woohooo!

Trust Life A Lil Bit


Hola chika! Just a quick update this time as I am useless for words.

I wish I could spill it out this very moment but I just keep it to myself. Will wait for the right time to spill the beans. I don’t want to screw up and don’t want to involve people and let let them assume when it’s not really them. I don’t wanna hurt people. So yeah.

This is all for now. Enjoy your day everyone! 🙂

When I Feel Useless..


I found this photo on Tumblr yesterday and grabbed.

Somehow it made sense. Hahaha. If I can’t find a reason to go on and when I feel useless, I gotta think of this. Ü

At this very moment I feel so so. Just coz I am sick, too. My ears are burning in PAIN. :/

I am not loving the pain, mind you.. Just I can’t ignore it as its really painful and it’s in my head. Feeling pissed and I just wanna scream my heart out. :/

Daym! Feeling too old today and really on the verge of crying but I can’t. Hahaha.

Oh well. I don’t know until when this ordeal will stop. God help! 😥

Defying Gravity

I hope you’re happy now.

– Wicked

Finally! About time for me to chill and vent out. Was a bit preoccupied the whole time. I had to delete stuff on Facebook; people who’s not in my circle, photos that shan’t be there, posts that has no significance for me today.

It was quiet a day jam packed with heaps of laugh and binding between family; Nanay, cuzzie and Aunt Maureen. We all have our challenging moments and that is normal. I am just blessed spending this moments with them.

I am happy! Truly happy for what’s happening these days. I am not sad for what I have lost rather I am happy and blessed for what I still have. God has His ways. Ü

I’ve had that title tonight as I was listening to it and had the notion to vent it all out.

Defying gravity: it also signifies what I am feeling, too.

I will soar and will fly high. I am not who I was and I used to be. So yeah. Hehehe

But tonight, will just get some rest as I am very tired and feeling drained.. Emotionally and physically. Feels like I am going down with something too. Having fever but I keep on ignoring it, took some meds to keep me going.

I hate getting sick! I don’t want to get sick. Hopefully will be able to catch up on rest these coming days.

And yeah! One thing that made me happy is that Cheese balls sent me a message today! Yay! Hahaha. Isn’t it nice to have some people who feels nice and at the same time happy having you around?! Thankyou God! Ü

Off to do the dishes and will take things easy. Looking forward to watching some movies tonight.

Lovely evening/ day y’all!

Someday I’ll Find My Rainbow

Getting ready for beddy byes but still wide awake and just can’t contain what I am feeling at the moment.

Cuzzie is having challenges personally and I somehow know how and what she’s feeling. I’ve been there.. It’s really not easy doing things not for yourself but for the people you love and afraid of doing mistakes and displease them.

I just pray she won’t do what I did and shell make better choices. I just hope she’ll get through all these and surpass the storm.

While I myself is feeling a bit down not for my own self but for them.. For others. It hurts too seeing the people you love get hurt.

I am hoping ill find my rainbow thereafter and eventually will completely get over the storm I’ve been in for months..

Feeling a bit sick and I hate it. I hate it coz I easily get down. Ah! Life. :/