The only place in Brisbane that I’ve visited is their airport. Hahaha 🙂

Just browsed the files and saw these. Dropped to Brisbane for a wee while to our flight to Adelaide last January 3, 2013..

I am indeed missing Australia. 🙂

Lovely Australia, lovely people and great place to call “home”. 🙂


Cry Me A River.


One afternoon on River Torrens, Adelaide, South Australia.

Taken last January, 2013

Photography According to Mikee.

Photography According to Mikee.

Capture taken alongside River Torrens, Adelaide, South Australia. 🙂

Just amazed with the birds teasing around and playing while having a walk that arvo. One of God’s lovely creations 🙂

Dingo Was His Name, Oh! :)

An Australian native dog called dingo 🙂

Found him at Cairns Tropical Zoo, Cairns, Queensland, Australia last May 4, 2013

Feel in love with this one but he’s so lonely. Almost all of the animals that they kept in their zoo were wee bit lonely.