Miss Cane’s Short Story (According to Sam Smith’s Song Titles)


I am still sick, like literally and my eyes were so sore today. Took a nap and I think I overslept so I decided to get up and do lil things coz my body is sore from laying down most times of the day. I’ve had this weird feeling and played around a little bit tonight, well with words that is and end up doing this.

I’ve always loved Sam Smith and his music, and yep, I am a fangirl indeed.

It’s a short story that is not technically long, you know those “short stories” we know back in high school. It’s a literal short story, which composed of Sam Smith’s song titles, most were from his album In The Lonely Hour and here goes nothing:

Miss Cane’s Short Story

I used to be in a relationship but he’s a “Naughty Boy” and he’s like “Money on my mind” all the time.. one day, I found out that “I am not the only one” so I broke up with him and moved on. I needed a “Restart“, then I met you, which I thought as a “Good thing” but you’re in love with someone else. As I “Lay me down” to sleep and thought about you, I realized am falling in love with you and a lot of things “Reminds Me Of You”, also wondered if you thought about me, too. “In the lonely hour”, many times I wanted to tell you, about how I feel.. if “I’ve told you now“, you might cover your ears and say “La la la“, pretend you didn’t hear a thing. “How will I know” if you feel the same way? I wish you feel the same way too. If I can only convince you that she’ll never love you “Like I can“. Ah! I wish, I wish.. you’d “Leave your lover” and “make it to me“. Then you can “Stay With Me” and I’ll be “Latch“-ing unto you and I will be your “Nirvana” and your “Life Support“.
The end.

Hahahaha! So yeah, how cray cray was that? :lol:

I hope y’all have a great week so far!

– Miss Cane

Disclaimer: The photo isn’t mine. It’s from That Grape Juice