Goodbye, March!


Last post for March! Woooo!

I’ve been dealing with a lot of “pre-birthday blues” as what I call it but it’s more of anxieties all over me. I am weird, I know.

I have been dreading for the day I will turn one year older than I am today. A lot was inside my head and all of it were like out of the blue. I can only hope for the best.

But I am not looking forward for tomorrow.. well I always do but except for tomorrow tomorrow. LOL

Hope y’all have a wonderful week ahead peepulz. Until next time.

Seeyuz! πŸ™‚


From A Filipina’s Point of View in Response to a Pinoy Reporter’s Culture Shock.

Back home in Manila, and feeling out of place

That’s a post from a Filipino correspondence Raul Dancel for Singapore’s Strait Times on March 23 that I have read last night.

I have been dealing with pre-birthday blues the past days and been silent for some time but this one got my attention.
Funny how a fellow Filipino felt estranged in his own country, the Philippines. For crying out loud, how can someone feel that?! Well From someone who have been overseas from some time, and from a country who uses British English as mother tongue, I have adapted Australia’s ways and language and terminology while I was there but that didn’t stopped me from using my own language when I was in Australia and even after I got back.

There have been slangs and terms from Aussie that I like using around family which they knew about and or to friends but just because you know better than others, or you learned terms that are way different from us Filipinos who grew up on which is in fact the American English, you have to make them look like fools and some kind of idiotic-slash-imbecile-kind-of-Filipinos.
I remembered ranting about how I dislike Manila because of the humongous traffic jam all through out the day but that didn’t stopped me from loving my country.
You, Mr. Dancel is entitled to your own opinions and so am I. I have nothing against you but I just find it obnoxious though for you to ever feel that way. You have lived three quarters of your 40 odd years here in this country, and only seven years in SG yet you acted like you have lived 40 odd years there.

Life in SG may be far better off than what you have in Philippines but I hope that reminds you of where you came from. Life in the Philippines is radically flawed and imperfect but that doesn’t mean everything around you is bad. I hope when you look in the mirror, it reminds you of your roots and realise it’s not bad to be a Filipino either. That brings us back and reminds us of an old Filipino adage, β€œang hindi lumingon sa pinanggalingan, hindi makakarating sa paroroonan.”  (β€œHe who does not remember where he came from, will never reach his destination”).Β 

It’s just a bit sad as a Filipino to read your article and your lamentations on Philippines’ ways. You made us really think you’re insanely estranged and having rough times during your stay. Just because you’re staying in your adopted country SG doesn’t mean you’re Singaporean already, you’re still a Filipino and hope eventually you’ll feel “at home” here. πŸ™‚

I hope this serves as a lesson to Filipinos who’s living here in the Philippines and most, for those of you who’s overseas to stay grounded, get a grip and always remember where we came from. Love your origin, love yourself. πŸ™‚

Rain or Shine, Beach Time! β™₯

Went out with the family today! Yay!

Got up early and prepared our stuff! Woohoo! Thank you Nanay for making it possible! I missed the beach and even though it was raining, we still went there and enjoyed the day. Rain or shine, beach time! LOL πŸ˜›

Here are some snaps from cousin’s phone and my iPod..

Happiness is..


A page from Facebook I stumbled upon today, which is called The Happy Page and found their page amusing and inspiring. This particular photo above reminds me of my past experience..

If only..

If only I didn’t mind what they said about me.. I could have done better, I could’ve done heaps.

If only I didn’t let those words affect me, I could’ve created something different.

If only I lived in that moment, I could’ve been happier even if the relationship was failing.

If only I remained true to myself and do what I love to do instead of becoming someone else I was not just to please others and make them happy, I could’ve been happier.

If only I could’ve pushed myself more and believed in myself that I can do better, I could’ve been better.

Ah! That’s a lot of bullcrap there actually. LOL

I know, as much as I want to do things, I can’t. Coz it’s all in the past, and these cannot be undone. It’s all there. It already happened.. and for some that didn’t happen, I will let it happen!

I will try to live for the moment and not fret or worry about things as much as I did..

I will try and will do my best not to let things affect me that much.. maybe at some point but I won’t linger on it for long. I have realised that I wasted too much time on worrying and I missed a lot of things that I could have done instead of worrying. I was too conscious and selfless that it came to the point where there was nothing left for me. Too busy to take care of others’ needs and forgetting that I have to keep something for myself, too.

I have my share of flaws, imperfections and mistakes, too. I am human, and I make some mistakes but that doesn’t mean I am a bad person. That doesn’t mean my life stops there. That doesn’t mean I care less neither it makes me less human.

So yeah, anyway.. I still have a lot to learn and a lot of things to go through, I still strive every single day to be the person God wants me to be.

I won’t let people’s words get in to me.. (I hope) and will leave things be. I am loving myself and now I have got more than enough love that I am ready to share once again (actually I am already sharing it. Teehee)

Whatever you say behind my back or in front of me, so be it. Your words don’t define me, it defines you.

Until then my friends, I have had enough for today. Hehehe

Happiness is!

Lovely first day of SPRING yahl! β™₯

Throwback Thursday


By far, this is the only photo of me as a baby. Well the one I have kept when I took off my bio parents place. πŸ™‚

That lil girl is only a year old, photo was taken at St. Joseph Cathedral, Butuan City and don’t bother the date. Hehe

That’s all folks! Keep smiling and happy Thursday yahl!

Just Another Not So Good Day.


Hello Thursday!

Welcomed this day with not so good vibes. Someone woke up in the wrong side of the bed.. Ha!

I don’t know how to deal with some things at the moment as I am so tired of this life’s cycle.. Just can’t contain it.

It’s so annoying when you’ve done the best you could and with just one simple mistake, all of your efforts, those good stuff you’ve done are wasted! Yep!

I know, ranting or venting it out here is the best I could do. Yeah, call it dirty laundry, but who cares? Everyone has that.. all humans get through a lot of things, maybe not similar to mine but at some point, I know you’ll say yes, you’ve been there.

It all boils down to just feeling a bit down and me reminded of the past decisions and things that I made and where I stuffed up and FAILED. One of those days hey? πŸ™‚

I am just feeling tired.. nothing more. Because I am tired that doesn’t mean that I am giving up either. I need to take this out of my head and chest before I blow up and f*cked things up big time. Teehee :3

I still believe in prayers and still have FAITH. I’ll keep on pushing even it feels tired at times.

Hope yahl have a great day peepulz! πŸ˜€