Merry Christmas!

pntsMerry Christmas y’all! It’s a day late.. I haven’t got much moxie to post lately. haha. I hope you have a great one!

May your hearts desires and prayers be granted and fulfilled! God bless you and your family all the days of your life!

Merry Christmas everyone! ♥ ♥ ♥



Paulit – ulit
Mikee Cane

Bakit kaya ganun?
‘Di ba pwedeng isang beses lang?
Nakakaumay na kasi eh.
Paulit-ulit nalang.
Paulit-ulit kang nasasaktan.

Kailangan ba talaga yun?
Hindi ba pwedeng magmahal ka nalang at wala na ang sakit?
Sabi nila, hindi ka raw nagmamahal kung hindi ka nakakaramdam ng sakit.

Hindi ba pwedeng magmahal ka nalang?
Yung wala na ang sakit?
Kung pwede lang sana.
Sana wala na at hindi na paulit-ulit.


Mikee Cane

It was one cozy afternoon
You and I we were so over the moon.
Out of the blue you blurted, ” Who is she? She look so lovely!”
I just ignored and let that pass, deep inside I know.
My gut tells me to prepare myself, that one day you will go.

Those warm and damp kisses turned out dry and cold.
That spark in your eyes is always a sight to behold.
Oh, how I love the way you looked at me and suddenly it became empty.
Magic is gone, I think we are done.

What have become of us?
We are slowly fading; falling into a very deep hole.
The love that I used to call home, it felt different now, I feel so alone.
Those sweet loving words that gave me butterflies and make me high,
it came too bitter, too spiteful it made me cry.

What has become of this love?
My heaven on earth which used to be my paradise
is now lost in vast abysses of space and time.

I always thought this is just a test;
a challenge to surpass.
Something we all have to go through,
for that very love to last.
But no, this is it. This is the end.
My heart can no longer take the pain,
this goodbye, I can no longer bend.

Time for me to go, time to let it go.

Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend.

Until Then

Until Then

Mikee Cane

So there’s this guy,

He is sweet and nice.

Met him over the internet.

It’s never new, with technology these days, it’s never a taboo.

I am from the east, he’s from the west.

There’s no biggie,

distance is just a space;

still we live on the same planet.

He likes me, I like him, too.

But that’s just that, nothing new.

We said our hi’s and hello’s

we took our time, I thought we’re good to go.

But sadly, its just that.

Nothing more to expect.

Oh well, until then.

I’ll meet someone and try again.

Disclaimer: This is just a poem, don’t think this is for someone in particular. Don’t be too narrowminded. Please. Hehe 😛

Strange That.

I know some of the things I say doesn’t make sense but heck, i don’t care.

I just feel like my head can explode in any moment.. I have too many ideas and things I’d like to do in particular but I don’t have the chance to do it yet and it is oh so frustrating.

I am just mumbling and maybe venting out a lil.. whatever.

I have some random things going on inside along with those ideas.. these are from the past and of the past. It’s crazy how a song, a situation, a person can turn things around. Like hearing a particular song on a radio and it takes you back to when you first heard it or when a particular scenario/ memories of the past that song has significance with.

Ah. Strange that.

I can never ever quiet my mind. 🙂