Quote of the Day: MC


And then my days starts and ends with you in it. – Mikee Cane


Photo Walk

I went to town today, seeking for help.. we are once again challenged. I didn’t know where to go after being refused from a friend of mine whom I asked for help so I decided to walk and while I was trying to figure out where to go, I decided to walk from where I was and crossed the river with this one helluva old bridge of our city, and took a few photos in awe of God’s greatness despite the challenges. Thank you God!

Quote of the Day: MC


When you claim to be a “Christian,” please prove you are one. Don’t be a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. – Mikee Cane

Throwback to one of the quotes/ musings I have written about a year or two years ago, I can’t exactly remember the year but yeah.

I hope y’all have a great weekend! ❤

Quote of the Day: SC


Find someone who has to be a little crazier for you than you are for him, and most of all someone who’d stay and fight with you and won’t let you fight alone. – SC

So I came up with this today.. My heart is sore as always and I am holding a lot of thoughts in my head at the moment.

That is all for now as I gotta go run errand and take care of some stuff.

Have a great week ahead peepulz!

Miss Cane’s Short Story (According to Sam Smith’s Song Titles)


I am still sick, like literally and my eyes were so sore today. Took a nap and I think I overslept so I decided to get up and do lil things coz my body is sore from laying down most times of the day. I’ve had this weird feeling and played around a little bit tonight, well with words that is and end up doing this.

I’ve always loved Sam Smith and his music, and yep, I am a fangirl indeed.

It’s a short story that is not technically long, you know those “short stories” we know back in high school. It’s a literal short story, which composed of Sam Smith’s song titles, most were from his album In The Lonely Hour and here goes nothing:

Miss Cane’s Short Story

I used to be in a relationship but he’s a “Naughty Boy” and he’s like “Money on my mind” all the time.. one day, I found out that “I am not the only one” so I broke up with him and moved on. I needed a “Restart“, then I met you, which I thought as a “Good thing” but you’re in love with someone else. As I “Lay me down” to sleep and thought about you, I realized am falling in love with you and a lot of things “Reminds Me Of You”, also wondered if you thought about me, too. “In the lonely hour”, many times I wanted to tell you, about how I feel.. if “I’ve told you now“, you might cover your ears and say “La la la“, pretend you didn’t hear a thing. “How will I know” if you feel the same way? I wish you feel the same way too. If I can only convince you that she’ll never love you “Like I can“. Ah! I wish, I wish.. you’d “Leave your lover” and “make it to me“. Then you can “Stay With Me” and I’ll be “Latch“-ing unto you and I will be your “Nirvana” and your “Life Support“.
The end.

Hahahaha! So yeah, how cray cray was that? :lol:

I hope y’all have a great week so far!

– Miss Cane

Disclaimer: The photo isn’t mine. It’s from That Grape Juice


Paulit – ulit
Mikee Cane

Bakit kaya ganun?
‘Di ba pwedeng isang beses lang?
Nakakaumay na kasi eh.
Paulit-ulit nalang.
Paulit-ulit kang nasasaktan.

Kailangan ba talaga yun?
Hindi ba pwedeng magmahal ka nalang at wala na ang sakit?
Sabi nila, hindi ka raw nagmamahal kung hindi ka nakakaramdam ng sakit.

Hindi ba pwedeng magmahal ka nalang?
Yung wala na ang sakit?
Kung pwede lang sana.
Sana wala na at hindi na paulit-ulit.