Unboxing BYS Special Edition GlamourboxPH

Hello everyone! How are y’all doing? I have been on hiatus and thought of sharing something I don’t usually share and post on here. I know most of my friends and family for the most part is aware that I am really not into makeups. I have been so amused and amazed and so into it that whenever I have a new set of makeups, I feel like a kid inside. I feel happy and I am so easily entertained, I feel giddy. Hehe

It was my birthday a week and few days ago and I received gifts(which obviously are makeups hence this post) and I would love to share it with you guys.

I rarely do this but I need to share it since it’s one helluva great deal with great perks so far. I’ve been watching tutorials and how to’s on YT and stumbled upon some videos unboxing something that is called Glamourbox. It is a website that sells beauty and health products and also have great offers and subscription boxes for affordable price! Yep! I know makeup products can be pricey, like it takes an arm and a leg! Haha.

I am by no means a beauty expert but I have tried a few products and this product which is the BYS or Be Yourself, a cosmetic line from Australia have been doing such a great job and I am so loving the products I got so far! GlamourboxPh is offering this limited time subscription box for Php1,100.00 for products worth Php3,000. You just need to join and subscribe and viola! You can purchase your box 🙂

Since I am just getting the hang of putting on makeup and learning the art of it, a very special person got it for my birthday and I am so happy to share it to you guys!

I don’t have a video of it but I will share some photos of the products and list their respective retail prices in the malls locally(Philipine peso)

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


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This is called the Matte Maven collection which consists of matte products.

BYS Contour & Highlighting Kit (Daring or Goddess) 12g – 1,099.00

BYS Eyeshadow 8 Palette Neutrals 8g – 449.00

BYS Liquid Brow Pen (Brown or Light Brown) 1.5ml – 449.00

BYS Eyeliner Gel with Brush (Black Magic) 3.5g – 549.00

BYS Matte Lipstick (Latte To Go) 3.5g – 299.00

BYS Matte Nail Polish Enamel (Assorted shades) 14ml – 199.00

All of the products are all matte and their eyeliner and brow pen are also waterproof. Anyone of you guys from Philippines who’s interested in this deal, you can check out GlamourboxPh website for the deets or you can just drop your comments here, too. I’d be happy to share them with you. Enjoy shopping!


Musings: Once in a Lifetime

Life’s never easy, it never was but once in a lifetime, you meet someone who’s worth all these sacrifices, worth all these pains and those times that you need to hold on to life a little bit more and overcome the bumps, challenges and struggles along the way. Someone who will give light, someone who is your purpose, someone who will give life more meaning and more happiness. Someone who appreciates you and is proud of you, someone is willing to give time and attention without reservations; no ifs and buts, no maybes and we-shall-sees; someone who always stays and never leaves, someone who’s there with you all along. And most of all, someone you will love and will love you like you’ve never love and never been loved before. -MC

Photo Walk

I went to town today, seeking for help.. we are once again challenged. I didn’t know where to go after being refused from a friend of mine whom I asked for help so I decided to walk and while I was trying to figure out where to go, I decided to walk from where I was and crossed the river with this one helluva old bridge of our city, and took a few photos in awe of God’s greatness despite the challenges. Thank you God!

No one.

“It has been a while since I was here”, these are the lines I use to start the blog especially when I am about to pour and vent out my emotions. Yes, it’s true. It’s been a while and that is the line I know and I can easily open things up. I kept mum on most of the things I have dealt with, especially after what happened to us, to Nanay, to myself.. Moreover, I find it too cliché or too common to be updating and sharing you all with my heartaches, my detriments and my downsides.

Today is not like the ordinary days, or the usual day. Like most days, it’s one of the most down moments and my heart feels so sore. I don’t really know why.. or maybe I have ideas why just not to sure what to be exact.

I felt too excited and happy to start with, looking forward to something I could’ve made myself get busy with yet just like other days, this day is one of those many disappointing, frustrating and lonely days. I want to cry so bad yet I don’t know how to start it with. I want to scream. I want to go somewhere, take a walk like I used to do when my heart feels sore but I can’t. I want to venture out and be productive but I can’t. Not even walk some place which made me so bummed out. I feel like spiraling, I don’t know where to go, what to do and what I am feeling exactly. I want to vomit but I am too tired to do so, I want to break down but I couldn’t do it. It’s so hard to breathe, my lungs are too short of air kind of feeling that every time I try to inhale air, my heart felt like it’s been strangled, crushed too many times.

Oh God. What is happening with me? With my life?!

Where is this heading? I mean it’s been a while since I’ve been stuck and I want to get out of this hellhole I am in. I know I sound so negative or like I am really in a worse place but it does feel like that now. And before you judge me with my words, I am aware each of us have our different stories and experiences, I know there are people that are experiencing a lot worse than I am at the moment. I just want to have my life back. I just wanna be happy, I just wanna be loved, have someone in my life I can sure confide with. I want to do what I love to do but every time I do, something seems to block me and stops me from getting there. What have I done wrong? Where did I go wrong? What on earth have I done in the past life to have all these!? I made a choice, I know I did and I only wanted what was best, not just for me but for these people I chose to live my life with.. but it also seemed to me that it’s not working that way. I a feeling too low yet no one asked me how I am or what I am feeling. No one really knows I am feeling this way. I know, I sound so desperate… pathetic and someone that is in dire need of attention. I know, right? But who cares? No one does. Well as far as I know, no one does.

I don’t know for how long I needed to wait, God. I have followed these path You wanted me to cross and walk on, I did what You wanted me to do, I gave up a lot of things. Some say following Your path and living Your ways gives you sweetest things, I know it’s never that easy but for now, I know it’s not that easy. It is never easy. I am not feeling it. Not that I don’t acknowledge You, but it’s just too hard. I will still be patient, I will try and do my best to be that person You know I am however, pardon me and forgive me for not feeling “it” for now. I just couldn’t see and feel the “sense” of it all, perhaps I still have to wait. I am not desperate, it’s just that I am weary, I am anxious and I am too scared. I feel too alone, you know? I was so happy and grateful the past days that I have with me these kind and beautiful people yet some of them are leaving, drifting away; some are too afraid to stay, some even pushes me away. It’s heartbreaking not being able to receive the same as what I am giving yet I know, and it always boils down to me expecting too much and giving too much.. but there’s no giving and loving too much. I don’t believe in loving or giving by halves.. I always give by whole that’s why I easily get hurt. Blimey!

I don’t really know what’s gonna happen in the next days.. too blurry to look at the road at the moment. I hope one day, things will be okay for reals. :/