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And then my days starts and ends with you in it. – Mikee Cane


Dear Future Lover

Dear future lover,
I gave up in the hope of meeting you or maybe not completely given up but expecting about it less and less every single day. Although I’d love to meet you in the streets in town randomly walking or maybe when I am running errands in a hurry coz I rarely go to coffee shops these days anyway. Haha
Seriously though, I just hope I’d meet you regardless.
Yours truly,


I just thought of sharing it on here, it’s been a while since I wrote something and that came up when I read about an article somewhere. Haha.

I hope y’all have a great week so far!



Letters I Never Sent

I don’t regret you but sometimes I wish I had walked away at the start and left things at hello.

Most of what I share here are mere thoughts and words that came up to me from experiences, from situations and from anything and everything my brain can summon; some writings, poetry and quotable quotes from others which brings significance in my life.

I have always wanted to do DIY stuff and beauty 101 in my blog with my cousin but we don’t have too much time on our hands and since my craft is never the artsy fartsy thingy bobs, I am doing a collection I will call “Letters I Never Sent”. These are the things; emotions, thoughts and everything– may it be big or small, that I never expressed and tell to people that came across my way hence, the title. 🙂

Without farther ado, here’s one for someone.

Dear Someone-I-Thought-Will-Fight-For-Me,

First off, I’d like to dedicate the quote above mentioned, it signifies my feelings towards you in the present but I must say, I don’t really regret knowing you, well somehow.. for there are so many things, wonderful things you made me feel and things I learned from you. It’s just that deep within me wished I just didn’t let myself get carried away in saying hello and replying to every messages you sent me. Although I know, for whatever reason meeting you is about, I am thankful for the things I learned while you were around.

My heart broke when I decided to let you go. I know I said to you so many times I will fight for you and I want you happy, even if it’s not with me although it’s apparent, too that I want you happy with me. But sadly I had to do that not because you were not someone I thought you will be but I just didn’t feel it’s gonna last. Or maybe it will if we tried harder but I don’t know really. Though you say you feel me in a lot of ways, it doesn’t feel right. I don’t feel those words for the most part. I am not writing this with hate, however I feel disappointed and hurt. Nevertheless thankful for that time you sent me a message for the very last time. I felt there was closure, being able to tell you that I miss you and some things I wanted to tell you. I wasn’t so sure why you said you disagree with my decision, it’s just that I do not feel the same about it. Or maybe it’s just me? I wondered why I was expecting you’d never ask for another chance. It was a little frustrating, though and I wished you could’ve asked if we can work things or maybe you really don’t want to. Maybe in the next lifetime? Or maybe not?

I was a little confused however because you said you wanted to be with me but at the same time you are conflicted. How? Why? What the hell!? I know the situation is never easy but it’s never impossible to ever see each other if you on the other hand, is really willing. Like the saying goes, “if there’s a will, there’s a way” and if you’re really not willing then there’d be excuses and other things like but, ifs, and whatnots.

There is no hate in my heart while I was writing this, neither I am bitter, lonely and depressed. Things have never been clearer, talking to you, that day helped me in a lot of ways and I guess that’s the last time I will ever talk to you. I felt you probably were intoxicated by alcohol at the time, too. Or I really don’t know. I just felt you were. I never heard from you again, but I guess it’s better that way. I can now finally move on, I really don’t feel bad now. The heartbreak didn’t last long. When I told you I miss you and when you told me you’ve been following my posts, among other things, I was sad and I cried, too. But didn’t feel the pain as much as I did in the past weeks. I never had much clarity until you asked me if I will fight for us. When I thought you know I will. But I guess you never did or I don’t know again. I am not a mind reader. 

I reckon there’s a lot of “maybe’s” and “I don’t know’s” in this post, coz I wasn’t really sure first hand. But what I am so sure now is that I will never ever settle for mediocre love. I might end up growing old single, I guess that’s better than settling to something less than I deserve. That I am a lifetime and not something less. I am not sure of what the future holds… which the thought from my post “Maybe” says: Maybe we are meant to be.. or maybe I was meant to live without you but I will never ever understand. 

I will never ever understand because there’s always ways to make things work but why things have to be like this.. but that’s just it. This is life hey? I have accepted that, and sometimes things have to eventually end. Thank you for those times, thank you for letting me feel that connection with someone doesn’t always have to be felt physically even though you never felt the same way about that. I am at peace now and I hope you are, too. I will let time unfold things. I am not sure what’s in store in the days ahead, for you and for myself. But I am happy and I feel okay despite our situation at the moment and I can say that I have gotten over you and thinking about you like I used to, and thinking of the possibilities of life with you coz I know it will never happen.

Like the saying goes about writing and expressing: “One cannot write if there’s no forgiveness,” which says a lot about what I feel, too. Whatever mistakes and not so nice things I said and done, I hope you forgive me. I hope you have a great life ahead of you and I wish you the best, a lot of happiness and love. 🙂

Sincerely and truthfully,




I was in a pensive mood last night, I slept late yet again and in between these mood and time, I felt like being suspended in space, I don’t know what space I was in but I ended up with these thoughts. There are a thousand more along which I still have with me but these are the most spot on at the moment.

This thoughts are what I call the 3amthoughts.. go figure. hahaha

I hope y’all are having a great week so far. 🙂